Transform Super GaN Gen V FETs deliver the world's lowest package-on resistance for electric vehicle applications

5 December 2020

A pioneer and global supplier of reliable and high-performance gallium nitride (GaN) power conversion products, Transform Announced sample shipments of the first Gen V device under its own SuperGaN TM brand. Transform's new Gen V device TP65H015G5WS is aimed at the electric vehicle (EV) market, delivering industry-leading performance enhancements, design ease, and optimized cost structure unique to the SuperGaN device family. Among other things, our Gen V GaN solution offers the world's lowest package-on resistance in a standard TO-247-3 package, plus 25% lower power loss than silicon carbide (SiC) for GaN in the EV power conversion market. We are increasing the possibility.

March 2020, is one of the world's leading companies as an independent global supplier in the automotive field Marelli is, announced a strategic alliance with trans form was. The goal is to collaborate on new GaN-based automotive / EV power conversion solutions such as automotive chargers (OBCs) for electric and hybrid vehicles, DC-DC converters, and powertrain inverters. To date, Marelli has pledged a $ 4 million equity investment in Transform and an additional $ 1 million equity investment in the first quarter of 2021.

Dr. Joachim Fetzer, CEO of Calsonic's Powertrain Division, commented: “The transform demo of achieving 10 kW of output from discretely packaged GaN devices in a bridge configuration further confirms the GaN promise for converters and inverters for electric vehicles. As part of the partnership announced earlier, we will continue to evaluate the industry's leading GaN devices for transforms and work together to support a multi-year EV system product roadmap. "

Transform co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Premier Parik said: "We continue to innovate in transform SuperGaN FET technology and now have the world's lowest on-resistance in the standard TO-247-3 package in the market for electric vehicles and other high-power conversion applications. This allows customers to drive up to double-digit kilowatts with a single device, consistently demonstrating GaN's ability to improve performance, reduce system costs, and increase power density. GenV GaN platforms deliver over 99% efficiency while creating new output-level design opportunities that previously required parallelization. "

Transform's SuperGaN ™ technology outperforms silicon carbide

The SuperGaN Gen V platform has all the insights learned from the preceding Gen IV, patented package inductance reduction technology, design ease and driveability (4 V V th for noise immunity ), +/- 20 V max. In addition to the robustness of the gate, it incorporates a simplified and reduced assembly structure. In a recent article, " Pushing the Limits of High Voltage GaN Power Conversion, " published in EEWorld , our TP65H015G5WS was compared to a similar on-resistance state-of-the-art SiC MOSFET in a standard TO-247-3 package. .. All of these devices were operated with a half-bridge synchronous boost converter at 70kHz up to 12kW, and the transform GaN device demonstrated a reduction of up to 25% in power loss.

Transform has begun shipping samples of the SuperGaN Gen V FET, a 15mΩ 650V device. This is a performance that cannot be achieved with today's single-chip e-mode GaN technology due to gate sensitivity. This solution is comparable to the lowest R value achievable with common SiC MOSFETs in discrete packages for EV OBCs and powertrain inverters, power supplies for rack power data center servers, uninterruptible power applications for industrial use, It can drive 10kW or more depending on the target application, such as an inverter for renewable solar power generation. The TP65H015G5WS can also be used in die-level module solutions that can be further parallelized for higher power supplies. We anticipate that Gen V FET devices will be JEDEC certified in mid-2021 and then AEC-Q101 certified.

About Marelli

Marelli is one of the world's leading independent global suppliers in the automotive sector. With a proven track record of innovation and manufacturing excellence, our mission is to transform the future of mobility through collaboration with our customers and partners, making it safer, more environmentally friendly and more connected. It is to create a world that has been created. Marelli's footprint, with approximately 60,000 employees worldwide, includes 170 facilities and R & D centers in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa, and will cost € 13.4 billion in 2019. ) Is increasing sales.

About transform

Transform, the world leader in the GaN revolution, designs and manufactures high-performance, high-reliability GaN semiconductors for high-voltage power conversion applications. With one of the largest power GaN IP portfolios, with over 1000 in-house and licensed patents, Transform produces the industry's first JEDEC / AEC-Q101 compliant high voltage GaN semiconductor device. Our vertically integrated device business model enables innovation at every stage of development: design, assembly, device and application support. With transform innovation, power electronics have pushed the boundaries of silicon, achieving efficiencies of over 99%, improving power densities by over 40% and reducing system costs by 20%. Transform is headquartered in Goleta, California and has manufacturing facilities in Goleta and Aizu, Japan. For more information , please visit . Follow us on Twitter ( @transphormusa ).

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