Toyoda Gosei Invests in Uhuru, an IoT Services Provider

8 April 2020

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.  has invested in Uhuru Corp., a venture business that provides services and solutions using huge amounts of data in cloud computing and edge devices.

“Venture into innovation and new mobility” is one of the key activities in Toyoda Gosei’s medium and long-term 2025 Business Plan. The company is exploiting its expertise in rubber and plastics to pioneer new businesses and develop automotive products for CASE technologies. One example is e-Rubber, an innovative material that moves when voltage is applied. It can also function as a thin, flexible pressure sensor. Toyoda Gosei is collaborating with various business partners to develop applications in diverse fields using the unique advantages of e-Rubber.

Uhuru has solid track record in the field of IoT services and solutions with abundant experience in projects using cloud computing. Through collaboration with Uhuru, Toyoda Gosei aims to enhance value in products and services using various types of data gained through e-Rubber sensors.

Toyoda Gosei will continue to accelerate open innovation through flexible and swift investment in startups that are promising for synergy with its core technologies.

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
Takatomo Abe
[email protected]