Toshiba Launches Automotive 40V N-Channel Power MOSFET in New Package to Support High Heat Dissipation and Small Size of Automotive Equipment

18 August 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched two automotive 40V N-channel power MOSFETs - " XPJR6604PB " and " XPJ1R004PB ". Both products are available in Toshiba's new S-TOGL™ (Small Transistor Outline Gull Wing Lead) package and U-MOS IX-H process chips. The mass production and shipment of the product started today.

Safety-critical applications such as autonomous driving systems use redundant designs to ensure reliability, so they integrate more components and require more mounting space than standard systems. Therefore, as the size of automotive equipment continues to shrink, it is necessary to be able to mount power MOSFETs at high current densities.

The XPJR6604PB and XPJ1R004PB are available in Toshiba's new S-TOGL™ package (7.0mm x 8.44mm [1] ), utilizing a post-less structure to integrate the source connection and external pins. The source pin adopts multi-pin structure, which reduces the package resistance.

By combining the S-TOGL™ package with Toshiba's U-MOS IX-H process, compared to Toshiba's TO-220SM (W) package products, the on-resistance has been significantly reduced by 11%[2] while maintaining the same thermal resistance characteristics. In addition, the new package requires approximately 55% less mounting area than the TO-220SM (W) package. In addition to this, the new package has a drain current rating of 200A, which is higher than that of the similarly sized Toshiba DPAK+ package (6.5mm x 9.5mm [1] ), thus providing high operating current. In summary, the S-TOGL™ package not only achieves high density and compact layout, reducing the size of on-board equipment, but also facilitates high heat dissipation.

Since in-vehicle equipment may be used in extreme temperature environments, the reliability of surface mount solder joints is a key consideration. The gull-wing leads used in the S-TOGL™ package reduce mounting stress and improve solder joint reliability.

When it is necessary to connect multiple devices in parallel to provide greater operating current for the application, Toshiba supports the shipment of these two new products in groups [3] , that is, grouping products according to the gate threshold voltage. This ensures that designs use products from the same group, reducing characteristic deviations.

Toshiba will continue to expand its lineup of power semiconductor products to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality with more user-friendly high-performance power devices.


  • Vehicle equipment: inverters, semiconductor relays, load switches, motor drivers, etc.


  • New S-TOGL™ package: 7.0mm x 8.44mm (typ.)
  • High Rated Drain Current:

XPJR6604PB: I D =200A
XPJ1R004PB: I D =160A

  • AEC-Q101 certified
  • IATF 16949/PPAP [4] available
  • Low on-resistance:

XPJR6604PB: R DS(ON) =0.53mΩ (typ.) (V GS =10V)
XPJ1R004PB: R DS(ON) =0.8mΩ (typ.) (V GS =10V)


[1] Typical package dimensions, including leads.
[2] TKR74F04PB in TO-220SM(W) package.
[3] Toshiba provides group shipments, and the gate threshold voltage floating range of each reel is 0.4V, but it is not allowed to specify a specific group. Please contact a Toshiba sales representative for more details.
[4] Please contact a Toshiba sales representative for more details.

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