TIER IV launches new partner program: Accelerating open-source software for autonomous driving

5 April 2024

TIER IV, a pioneer in open-source software for autonomous driving (AD), Autoware*, is excited to announce the launch of the TIER IV Autoware Partner Program. This new initiative aims to equip partners engaged in autonomous driving with essential training to effectively utilize Autoware, culminating in official certification. Certified partners can benefit from business collaboration opportunities in TIER IV's projects as well as expedite their own ventures leveraging TIER IV's solutions.

Companies worldwide are tackling challenges such as driver shortages and accident reduction with autonomous driving. TIER IV, championing an open-source approach, collaborates with global partners through the Autoware Foundation to promote the rollout of autonomous driving.

While Autoware is accessible to all, developing safe and reliable AD systems requires specialized skills to customize solutions that meet the needs of different vehicles and applications. A significant challenge lies in the scarcity of personnel skilled in these areas of expertise.

The TIER IV Autoware Partner Program directly addresses this gap by providing training in the design, deployment and assessment of AD systems with Autoware. Upon completing the training, participants will be certified as TIER IV Autoware Partners, enabling them to get involved in TIER IV-led projects or expand their own businesses with enhanced support from TIER IV.

"The TIER IV Autoware Partner Program is rooted in TIER IV's vision to reimagine intelligent vehicles, and we believe it is a vital catalyst for creating a sustainable ecosystem where everyone can contribute to propelling AD systems," stated Shinpei Kato, founder, CEO and CTO of TIER IV. "We are committed to fostering technical capabilities within our partner companies, aiming to accelerate the rollout of autonomous driving."

Comments from partners

"This Program will play a crucial role in further expanding the Autoware ecosystem," said Yang Zhang, founding board director of the Autoware Foundation. "We are witnessing a rapid increase in the adoption of Autoware open-source initiatives. We expect similar developments by global partners leveraging Autoware-based autonomous driving systems. They will undoubtedly benefit from the TIER IV Autoware Partner Program."

"TIER IV's autonomous driving technology powered by Autoware is anticipated to play a pivotal role in the future of autonomous driving, and we think this new program is a great initiative," said Tsuyoshi Ishima, sales director of Smart Robotics. "Through this program, we are committed to nurturing our engineering talent and advancing our technical expertise. We will also accelerate our efforts in hardware development to harness the full potential of Autoware."

"We are partnering with TIER IV to develop adaptive autonomous driving AI," said Takuya Fukatsu, CEO of Proxima Technology. "We believe the extensive support provided through this program is very beneficial for partners like us, fortifying and deepening our collaborative efforts with TIER IV."

"FUJISOFT is dedicated to making broad contributions to advanced technology in the field of automobiles, actively supporting the evolution of mobility," said Junichi Isogimi, director of ASI business department, operating officer of FUJISOFT. "Our collaboration with TIER IV is geared towards accelerating the rollout of autonomous driving through the widespread adoption of TIER IV's cutting-edge solutions. Through collaboration, co-creation, and mutual prosperity with TIER IV, we look forward to creating new dimensions of value and making meaningful contributions to society."

"At 4th.ai, we are committed to realizing a world where everything and everyone can seamlessly travel anywhere. Central to achieving this vision is the widespread adoption and continual evolution of Autoware," said Motoyuki Suzuki, CEO of 4th.ai. "Through the TIER IV Autoware Partner Program initiative, a group of companies striving for the rollout of autonomous driving can contribute to accelerating the adoption and evolution of Autoware. We believe that this collective momentum will propel us toward a future where fully autonomous driving transforms our society, enabling limitless possibilities for seamless mobility."

"Hitachi Industrial & Control Solutions is adopting Autoware technologies as a member of the Autoware Foundation," said Masaki Endo, general manager, connective engineering group, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions. "By combining our expertise in technology development for CASE, functional safety and security with Autoware technologies, our goal is to advance the adoption of safe and secure autonomous driving services. Through the TIER IV Autoware Partner Program, we are confident that autonomous driving developers can swiftly acquire technological capabilities on par with TIER IV Autoware Partner Program, speeding up the development of autonomous driving systems."

Through this initiative, TIER IV reinforces its commitment to driving the future of autonomous mobility, offering partners the tools and support necessary to lead the industry forward.

*Autoware is a registered trademark of The Autoware Foundation.


TIER IV, the pioneering force behind the world's first open-source software for autonomous driving Autoware, offers a range of advanced AD products and solutions, encompassing both software and hardware across multiple platforms. The company is steering the development of safe and efficient autonomous driving technology, aiming to reimagine intelligent vehicles through the art of open source. A founding member of the Autoware Foundation, TIER IV conducts cutting-edge research and development in collaboration with partners worldwide, harnessing Autoware to accelerate the rollout of autonomous vehicles that will benefit society as a whole.

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