TI Fluid Systems introduces new innovative technology for the production of plastic fuel tanks for hybrid cars (HEV) together with the Volkswagen brand

30 January 2021

TI Fluid Systems, a leading supplier of automotive fuel and fluid distribution systems, announced that it will offer a new generation of plastic fuel tanks to meet stringent Compressive strength requirements for hybrid cars (HEV). Serial production of this plastic fuel tank for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) of the Passat and Magotan model series was recently launched at the Chinese branch of Volkswagen China with a planned extension to other model series.

This innovative technology is the result of cutting-edge design and development, and this product has been carefully and thoroughly tested directly on vehicles by VW and TIFS development teams in China and Europe. Conventional fuel tanks can withstand normal atmospheric pressure, while new hybrid fuel tank (HEV) models are designed to withstand cyclic pressures of up to 400 mbar in some electric drive modes. In order to ensure this resistance, the new tank is equipped with special molded profiles that use TIFS 'patented blow molding technology. The fact that TIFS technology uses specially molded plastics, which are very light, makes it possible to overcome one of the biggest disadvantages of competing products, which are reinforced with a welded structure.

Bill Kozyra , President and CEO of TIFS, said: “TIFS is strategically focused on the new growing automotive electrification market and is delivering its innovative products to all types of vehicles, including hybrid cars (HEVs). Our innovative plastic fuel tanks will enable automakers to extend the range of hybrid cars (HEVs) and achieve optimum engine efficiency and performance. "

About TI Fluid Systems

TI Fluid Systems is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of automotive fuel distribution systems, fuel tanks and operating fluid distribution systems, primarily for the passenger car segment. TI Fluid Systems has nearly 100 years of experience in the automotive industry and a total of 108 manufacturing plants in 28 countries that supply their products to all leading global automotive brands.

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Source: prnewswire.com