ThunderSoft Joins SOAFEE SIG and Collaborates with Partners to Define Software Architecture and Reference Design for Future Vehicles

5 July 2022

ThunderSoft, a global leader in operating system products and technologies, has officially joined SOAFEE SIG (Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge Special Interest Group) as a voting member. With its technical strength in intelligent vehicles and AIOT, ThunderSoft will consolidate the group's software ecosystem in the process of defining a reference architecture and software framework for future vehicles.

SOAFEE was created to meet the need to overcome the increasingly complex vehicle software challenge and was founded by Arm, the world's leading IP semiconductor company. To that end, it brought together industry experts such as Continental, Volkswagen CARIAD, Amazon Web Services, and BOSCH, among others. Its goal is to create a unified and scalable vehicle software development architecture. Thanks to cloud-native technologies, SOAFEE places the entire vehicle software development process (system architecture, application development and deployment, and functional testing) in the cloud, simulating the development environment for this type of software and abstracting the underlying hardware. This allows much of the functional verification to be done up front,

“It is a great honor for us to be able to join SOAFEE as a voting member. ThunderSoft will share our specialized experience in the automotive and AIOT industries with SOAFEE and join forces with all members to develop a leading software architecture and reference software framework to empower the automotive industry,” said Weishan Li, Vice President from ThunderSoft.

“The automotive industry has reached a critical inflection point and it is critical that industry leaders collaborate to accelerate the software-defined future,” said Robert Day, director of automotive alliances, Automotive and IoT Line of Business. de Arm and representative of the governing body of SOAFEE. "By joining SOAFEE and through its broader partnership with Arm, Thundersoft brings decades of automotive operating system experience to this important initiative as it continues to gain momentum."

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Press Contact: Nadia Gao
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