The "Toyota Land Cruiser Get Back Challenge" Spotlights Adventure and Discovery

23 May 2024

There's a saying that if you want to go into the wild, any truck can take you. If you want to get back, take a Land Cruiser. Toyota put that to the test with its new Land Cruiser marketing campaign featuring award-winning actor Hilary Swank and actor/comedian Jimmy O. Yang. Hilary and Jimmy go through a series of challenges, each with a Land Cruiser to see if they can "get back."

The anchor of the campaign is a three-minute short film presenting the "Land Cruiser Get Back Challenge." It begins in dramatic fashion with helicopters dropping the Land Cruisers onto a snowy embankment, with Hilary (and her friend Deon Taylor) and Jimmy (joined by his father Richard Ouyang) removing their blindfolds to see the trucks ready for action.

Each team takes a unique path to get back to civilization with various obstacles and terrain along the way. They are provided a satellite phone as a last resort if they are lost or stuck. But if they use it, the adventure is over. Team Jimmy takes on the mountains while Team Hilary traverses through the high desert.

"I love the outdoors and I love trucks," said Actor Hilary Swank. "So driving the new Toyota Land Cruiser in the Land Cruiser Get Back Challenge was a blast! I ended up on a really rocky and muddy course during the Challenge and the Land Cruiser adapted over everything incredibly well."

Through each challenge, the participants see first-hand the rugged capability of the Land Cruiser. While Hilary and Deon climb a steep mountain grade, the Multi-Terrain Monitor system on the head unit display provides additional guidance on the path ahead. They also rely on the powerful iFORCE MAX powertrain and Full-Time 4WD in muddier conditions.

For Jimmy and Richard, this adventure provided a way for them to spend time together in the outdoors, while also introducing them to unfamiliar driving conditions, like packed in snow. Features like Multi-Terrain Select and crawl control become staples to navigate their slippery situations.

"I was excited to go on an adventure in the Land Cruiser, but it was a challenge of a lifetime to survive my dad's complaints in the wilderness," said Actor/Comedian Jimmy O. Yang. "It wasn't an easy journey, but it was a great father and son bonding experience that we'll never forget."

The scenic backdrop of the "Land Cruiser Get Back Challenge" provides iconic imagery, fitting with places Toyota customers are used to seeing the iconic legend. Launched in 1958, the Land Cruiser set the standard with the reliability, durability, and platform from which all Toyota trucks are modeled. But Toyota hopes the marketing campaign for the all-new 2024 Land Cruiser will showcase its rugged heritage and durability to a new generation of adventurers.

"It was great to watch Hilary Swank and Jimmy O. Yang put the new Land Cruiser to the test, demonstrating its unmatched ability to conquer diverse terrains and obstacles in their quest to 'get back,'" said Mike Tripp, Toyota Marketing group vice president. "Land Cruiser retains its legendary capability, and we are excited for the world to experience the next edition of this iconic SUV."

Watch the "Land Cruiser Get Back Challenge" to see if Team Hilary and Team Jimmy "get back."

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