The Taiwanese Startup Mindtronic AI Opens the Way to the Future of Mobility With Meta-Service Ecosystem

29 July 2022

Mindtronic AI , a Taiwan-based startup, unveils the world's first Meta-Service, a biometric sensing technology that provides instant access to any visible object in the real world. This technology ushers in the future of mobility, and celebrates the company's fifth CES Innovation Award win since 2018. Mindtronic AI will be showcasing its technology at the Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion at 2022 CES.

Auto technology to monitor and analyze

Working with telecom companies, rental cars, and car manufacturers to deploy this new connectivity, the arrival of the Meta-Service will see the creation of a new type of data in the form of a user's instant interest. This impacts not just the automotive industry, but also consumer behavior in general in response to advertising. 

Mindtronic AI has partnered up with V2X Network, an autonomous transaction platform for the mobility ecosystem, allowing its Meta-Service to learn drivers' patterns via its biometric sensing technology. It precisely predicts the driver's current interest and helps connect the Internet and local services into one combined metaverse. With its focus on activation only upon interest, users are also not at the risk of being overwhelmed.

"Originally we just made our biometric sensing technology on the road for monitoring driver's drowsiness. Today we push it further to infer driver's interest by analyzing their behaviors", said Sharon Jiang, CEO of Mindtronic AI. "The service of future mobility is transformed from physical mobility to data mobility, and the car becomes more intelligent than ever to provide passenger services proactively!" 

Creating the future in flying

In addition to the Meta-Service, Mindtronic AI has been working on its automotive-grade designs built with edge-based AI deep learning for both cockpit design and sub-systems. The partnerships between the company and many automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tier-1 suppliers in the smart cockpit and advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) have allowed Mindtronic AI to continue refining its research and products with a view on the experiencing the future today.

The potential of a 3D immersive bio-interactive UI is clear, with Mindtronic AI's NOAH system offering a 3D digital cluster with embedded facial recognition and driving monitoring system (DMS). This can be further enhanced with a cockpit upgraded with an AI domain controller under the DIRIGENT system, and at the center of it all is the DMX system, an ADAS that can ensure safety for all. The company is also working on Omni-Fleet, its cloud intelligence system designed for preventative safety at the fleet level.

Interested partners looking to collaborate with Mindtronic AI in the new ecosystem of the Meta-Service or its other innovations can reach out to Mindtronic AI via [email protected].

About Mindtronic AI 

Mindtronic AI is an A.I. partner for automobiles and provides solutions and design services in areas like in-cabin sensing, smart cockpit, ADAS, and fleet management. The company was founded in 2017, and had won CES Innovation Awards five times. In 2021, the company was also selected by the German Trade Office as the best start-up of Taiwan and one of the top-3 in Asia.