The GWM TANK500 HEV is launched in Thailand and begins its first global pre-sale

27 March 2023

On March 21, GWM held a press conference at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show to announce the pre-sale of the GWM TANK500 HEV for the first time, attracting the attention of the media and event attendees.

“The GWM TANK500 HEV marks a new chapter for the electromobility industry in Thailand. It will provide users with more convenience while traveling, and we can't wait to experience its stunning performance," said representatives of local renowned media outlet Wongautocar.

The GWM TANK500 HEV model offers superior off-road capabilities, excellent comfort and state-of-the-art smart features. It will thus meet the diverse needs of customers when driving and driving.

The model is based on the GWM TANK super-hybrid architecture. The architecture, which integrates engines, differential locks and the TOD all-wheel drive system, boasts distinct advantages such as high performance, low fuel consumption and intelligent off-road capabilities. These can help customers get out of various difficulties in difficult road conditions, including climbing, wading and muddy terrain.
The goal of the GWM TANK500 HEV is to create a luxurious and cozy experience for the entire crew. All interior details including the large intelligent central display, digital display for displaying driving data and leather seats have a luxurious feel. The model uses front double suspension and rear multi-link suspension, thanks to which it provides customers with a comfortable experience in all situations, so it offers maximum comfort for driving in the city and off-road.

Another advantage of the model is its smart functions. The GWM TANK500 HEV model launched this time in the Thai market is equipped with an advanced intelligent assistance system that integrates electric front and rear differential locks, TANK Turn system, wading depth detection, off-road cruise control and Transparent Body system. It can help the driver to quickly understand the road conditions by identifying the surrounding conditions with the help of cameras, thus increasing driving safety.

At the press conference, the GWM TANK brand was officially launched on the Thai market. Globally presented as a "premium off-road SUV brand", GWM TANK aims to create a new product category that meets the different lifestyles of global consumers and follows the motto of "durability, originality, freedom".

The GWM TANK brand has already been launched in several global markets, such as the Middle East and Australia, and has gained recognition from local media and users. The debut in Thailand is one of the important steps of GWM TANK to expand into the world market. In the near future, the GWM TANK brand will also enter other markets in ASEAN countries.

The GWM TANK brand was founded in 2021 and has since sold more than 200,000 vehicles worldwide. It will use cutting-edge technology to create a more diverse portfolio to provide more global consumers with smart, safe and reliable electric vehicles for off-road travel.