The 5th Edition of Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler & EV Forum (TWF) 2024 Concludes Successfully in New Delhi

4 March 2024

The premier event in the 2W, 3W & EV industry, the Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler & EV Forum (TWF Presented by Trak N Tell), concluded its highly anticipated 5th Edition at YASHOBHOOMI (India International Convention & Expo Centre) Dwarka, New Delhi. The event, which took place on 21 & 22 February 2024, brought together over 500 Senior-Level Executives from 100+ brands, 60+ Speakers, and more than 35 Partners, solidifying its reputation as the must-attend event in the Indian automotive sector.

TWF has earned the moniker of being the "NOT TO MISS" event in the 2W, 3W & EV sector, attracting a diverse range of attendees including OEMs, End Users, Suppliers, Dealers, Consultants, Government officials, Associations, and Startups. The forum featured specially curated sessions offering insightful analysis and a clear outlook of the 2W, 3W & EV industry for the near to medium term.

This year, TWF was held over 2 days, with Day 1 focusing on market transitions in the 2 Wheeler & 3 Wheeler Industry and Day 2 delving into the realm of Electric Vehicles industry. Participants were given the opportunity to tailor their experience based on their specific interests.

The crowdsourced agenda spanned a power-packed day of discussions covering a wide array of topics including Panels on the Indian 2W, 3W & EV Market Trends, Premiumization in the Indian 2-Wheeler Market, Connected Vehicles, Urban Mobility and Last-Mile, Charging Infrastructure & Policy Regulations, Battery Management & Recycling, Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Optimization, EV Financing, Government  Incentives and Policies.

The event commenced with an inaugural presentation given by Mr. Kaushik Madhavan, Vice President & Head of Consulting - Automotive, MarketsandMarket on "Transformation Trends In The E2W & E3W Space In India – Impact On Ecosystem Stakeholders"

This was followed by our Title Partner Presentation speech given by Mr Pranshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell on ‘Introduction to Trak N Tell’ where he spoke about how telematics solutions are revolutionizing vehicular intelligence. He also touched upon how their robust systems harness satellite tracking, predictive analytics, and IoT technology to provide, predictive insights, and advanced diagnostics to ensure vehicle safety, security, and performance optimization.

In the notable first panel discussion on 2W & 3W Market Trends, Recovery and Future Outlook which was deftly moderated by Mr. Kaushik Madhavan, Vice President & Head of Consulting - Automotive, MarketsandMarkets, examined the industry's resilience amidst economic slowdowns and green shoots of electrification and exploration of the two-wheeler and three-wheeler industries, delving into recent market shifts, recovery strategies, and future projections.

We had another panel on EV Market Trends and Future Outlook, moderated by Mr Jinal Shah, Founder and CEO, Expandus Consulting, that delved into the Future of Electric Vehicles in India, exploring the transformative potential of electric vehicles and evolving financing models. Experts from the automotive industry, technology sector, and policy arena gave insights into key drivers shaping the EV market, including advances in charging infrastructure, battery technology, regulatory policies, and consumer preferences. Attendees gained valuable perspectives on market dynamics, emerging trends, and strategic opportunities for stakeholders across the EV ecosystem.

The panel focussed on premiumization and high-performance aspects in the Indian 2 Wheeler Market, was moderated by Mr Harshvardhan Sharma, Head - Auto Retail Consulting Practice, NRI Consulting & Solutions India and that session delved into market dynamics, consumer behaviour shifts, and technological innovations driving the demand for upscale two-wheelers.

The Urban Mobility and Last-Mile Solutions panel moderated by Mr Mohit Adnani , Manager, CRISIL Ltd focused on the critical challenges and innovative solutions reshaping urban mobility landscapes worldwide. With the rise of urbanization, the need for efficient last-mile transportation options has become paramount. This session offered a platform to explore cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and policy frameworks aimed at addressing this pressing issue.

The forum also had a session on EV Financing, Government Incentives and Policies, moderated by Mr Pawan Mulukutla, Director- Integrated Transport, Electric Mobility & Hydrogen, WRI India. This session gave the latest updates and insights regarding government incentives, tax credits, and policies aimed at promoting electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Attendees gained valuable knowledge about available financing options, including subsidies, grants, and low-interest loans, which play a crucial role in making EVs more accessible to consumers. Additionally, experts gave the updates on regulatory frameworks and policy initiatives aimed at accelerating the transition to electric mobility, fostering sustainable transportation ecosystems, and mitigating climate change impacts.

The forum also had sessions that addressed pressing concerns such as Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Optimization, Battery Management & Recycling and the urgent need for robust charging infrastructure and regulations to support the burgeoning EV market in India.

With the promise of returning bigger and better in 2025, the forum concluded on a positive note with informal networking sessions and cocktails, reinforcing its commitment to driving innovation and collaboration in the 2W, 3W & EV industry. For more information regarding the future edition of the event, log onto or get in touch with the Event Director of TWF, Raghav Shankar on +91-9599881027 or email him on [email protected]