TEXEL and Triton in cooperation to develop next generation Electric Hybrid powertrain for trucks

17 May 2022

The Swedish origin innovative battery development company TEXEL Energy Storage has agreed to partner with the American EV manufacturer Triton, to accelerate the shift into developing the next generation Electric Hybrid powertrain for trucks. New technologies are needed to meet the demand of a circular future, to stop consuming our planets resources.

Today TEXEL Energy Storage and Triton announced their co-operation to develop the next generation of electric hybrid powertrain for electric vehicles, including Triton electrical long-distance semi-trucks. The TEXEL hybrid technology combining storing and producing energy, much like a combination of lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. The TEXEL technology is thermochemical, using metal hydrides to store energy and the world´s most advanced Stirling engine to convert to electricity.

- "Our focus in the development of the TEXEL battery or energy technology has always been on circularity, we need to stop consuming our planets resource. I am glad that innovative companies like Triton and entrepreneurs like Mr. Himanshu is showing a true environmental commitment" – says Lars Jacobsson, CEO and founder of TEXEL Energy Storage.

TEXEL energy storage battery technology was appointed "the success story beyond lithium-ion batteries" by Innovation X-Lab at the energy storage summit at SLAC in Silicon Valley. TEXEL has an exclusive license agreement with Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) to commercialize the thermochemical technology, developed and patented by SRNL, as an important component in the new TEXEL Thermochemical Hybrid Battery.

- "I am honored to be a part of TEXEL, we urgently need new energy storage technologies for the future; TEXEL is the future and it is here today. I could not think of a better investment in this planet. This is one of my ways paying a little bit of rent to mother earth for being on this beautiful planet. – says John Paul DeJoria, entrepreneur, environmentalist and shareholder TEXEL.

Triton ElectricVehicle is an innovative American company that is currently manufacturing a new class of electric vehicles currently in India with plans of expanding Globally. Triton is now looking to truly become a frontrunner in the fierce competition of developing the best vehicles in the long-range electric sector. The partnership with Texel is an important step in the right direction to achieve this mission.

- "It's a great honor for Triton Electric Vehicle to partner up with TEXEL Energy Storage to change the world, and we look forward to a long and healthy relationship."- says Himanshu B Patel, CEO of Triton Electrical Vehicle.

US-based EV maker Triton EV has recently acquired AMW's manufacturing plant in Bhuj, Gujarat. The facility spread across 3.7 Million Sq feet will now be used by Triton EV for manufacturing EV trucks, as the company shifts to top gear in their bid to enter Indian roads.

TEXEL and Triton intend to initiate their joint business efforts and collaboration in the first half of 2023 and are exploring locations in the US market. Both companies recently visited Waco, Texas as a leading State to expand their technologies.


Daniel Wilke
Head of PR
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Source: prnewswire.com