Telenav Helps Chinese Automobile Manufacturer SAIC Expand Into Markets Outside China

16 March 2021

Telenav, Inc., a leading provider of location-based and connected car services, announces that SAIC, China's largest automotive group, has selected the Telenav's VIVID ® Nav solution for its foreign markets in Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand. VIVID Nav will provide navigation and location-based services for SAIC's battery-powered electric (BEV) and internal-combustion engine (ICE) electric vehicles in those markets.

Telenav's VIVID Nav solution will provide SAIC customers with a connected navigation experience designed for Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand, and will leverage Telenav's more than ten years of experience serving the needs of the local market in all the world. The solution will meet the needs of BEV and ICE vehicles in both left- and right-hand drive markets.

VIVID Nav offers an integrated onboard and cloud-connected navigation experience, optimized to provide end users with the most up-to-date maps and online content, while minimizing the amount of mobile data used to reduce SAIC costs. Its responsive and flexible routing engine allows users to choose from multiple routing options, including the fastest and greenest routes.

VIVID Nav's powerful search functions make finding destinations, businesses and other points of interest (POIs) intuitive and easy to use. The contextual and semantic single-box search can be tailored to the specific local needs of SAIC customers in each of those markets. VIVID Nav also incorporates convenient, EV-specific features, such as providing users with a range projection on the map, based on the current state of charge of their vehicle's battery. Customers can also search for charging stations and add them to their routes using a series of filters that include the type of charging they support and the availability of nearby services such as shops and restaurants.

"VIVID Nav offers us a unique solution for our BEV and ICE vehicles that is tailored to the local needs of each of these foreign markets," said Tang ShengHao, Product Manager at SOIMT. SOIMT is a subsidiary of the SAIC Group, responsible for SAIC's connected car services abroad.

"It is an honor for us that the largest automotive group in China has chosen us for its expansion into the markets of Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand," said Manfred Fu, CEO of Telenav China. "I am confident that our decade-long experience serving local needs around the world will benefit SAIC customers in these markets."

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