Tekion Launches Game-Changing AI-Powered CRM

2 March 2022

Tekion, innovator of the Automotive Retail Cloud® (ARC), the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail SaaS platform, today announced the release of its game-changing Customer Relationship Management application on its Automotive Retail Cloud platform (ARC CRM). This AI-powered CRM, a seamless extension of ARC DMS, unifies valuable customer data across automotive retail businesses by eliminating duplicates, enabling real-time data flow and actionable insights to provide dealership customers the fastest and the highest-quality service.

“With its built-in artificial intelligence capabilities, ARC CRM automates manual tasks and identifies actionable opportunities to promote meaningful, timely customer engagements that lead to closing sales while delighting customers throughout the process. For today’s digitally savvy customers, experience is everything,” said Jay Vijayan, CEO and Founder of Tekion. “Launching the AI-powered ARC CRM is a big part of Tekion’s vision coming to life; a unified end-to-end platform where real-time and accurate data flows seamlessly and securely as part of an automotive retail ecosystem, creating win-win situations for all.”

Tekion’s ARC CRM simplifies visibility into lead processes and streamlines functionality across all dealership business centers, as well as dealership networks, via the following features:

  • 360° View of Customer Data: Unifies data across all departments and functions; offers meaningful customer insights in a single view
  • Simplified Lead Management: Simplifies visualization and alteration of lead flow processes with a highly configurable, drag-and-drop, flowchart-style rules engine that is easily configurable by the user based on business needs
  • Smart Sales and Service Suggestions: ML engine triggers to alert dealership personnel to act in real-time on leads or customers requiring attention
  • Sentiment Scoring: AI engine analyzes communications and identifies customers with a higher propensity to purchase, enabling dealers to implement targeted strategies for closing sales, and for customer satisfaction and retention
  • Actionable Data: Targeted data analysis ensures no opportunity is left behind; AI aggregates and buckets service customer data into segments based on spend propensity
  • Next-Generation Mobile App: Features within Tekion’s mobile super-app for iOS and Android enable ARC CRM to deliver superior experiences for dealership staff who need to work on the go

To learn more about the ways in which Tekion’s game-changing ARC CRM can bring your dealership heightened levels of customer engagement and sales, visit: https://tekion.com/products/crm.

About Tekion

Disrupting a 50-year reliance on aging platforms, Tekion has challenged the paradigm with the first and fastest cloud-native end-to-end automotive retail platform, Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC). This transformative dealership software platform uses cutting-edge technology, big data, machine learning, and AI to seamlessly bring together OEMs, retailers/dealers and consumers. With its highly configurable integration and greater customer engagement capabilities, ARC is simplifying the dealer/consumer relationship and journey. Founded in the Silicon Valley, Tekion employs over 1,500 innovators globally. For more information, visit www.tekion.com.

Marylou Hastert
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