Teijin establishes Teijin Automotive Center Europe to expand the possibilities for conceptual, design, prototype and evaluation

29 January 2020

Teijin Limited today announced that it will set up Teijin Automotive Center Europe GmbH (TACE) in February in Wuppertal, Germany as a new basis for technical functions within the company's auto-assembly operations. The company will handle concept, design, prototype development, evaluation, marketing and technical research for the next generation of car parts, utilizing the capabilities of the Teijin Group to offer multi-material solutions for the next generation of vehicles .

TACE enables Teijin to strengthen and promote its solution possibilities by setting up a strong platform for cooperation within the European automotive automotive composites of the Teijin group. It is expected that this will accelerate the concept, design, prototype development and evaluation of technological proposals developed by each base. Later, TACE will develop marketing and research functions to explore the potential for new technologies and mergers and acquisitions, with the aim of accelerating joint development with European automakers and responding to demands for greater design freedom, productivity and cost efficiency, as well as weight reduction and strength.

Backed by such initiatives, Teijin aims to achieve sales figures of around EUR 1.7 billion (USD 2 billion) for automotive composites by 2030.

Amid the continuous shift towards connected, autonomous, shared and electric (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric, CASE) cars, the automotive industry is urgently transforming its business models to realize lighter and multifunctional vehicles of the next generation. Teijin took over Continental Structural Plastics (CSP) in 2017 to become a first-level supplier that focuses on multi-material automotive composite. In Europe, the French site of CSP opens a new factory for forming sheet molding compound and Teijin has taken over leading suppliers of automotive composite Inapal Plásticos from Portugal and Benet Automotive from the Czech Republic.

To capitalize on these recent moves, Teijin has now decided to further strengthen its multi-material capabilities in Europe and organically link the development and marketing functions of its European automotive composite bases to meet the demands of car manufacturers in the coming CASE era .

About the Teijin group

Teijin is an international company with a focus on technology that offers advanced solutions in various fields that add value to the environment and the environment; safety, security and disaster relief, demographic changes and increased health awareness. His main sectors are high-performance fibers such as aramid, carbon fibers and composites, healthcare, films, resin and plastic processing, polyester fibers, product conversion and IT. The group has around 170 companies and around 20,000 employees in 20 countries worldwide. For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, it reported sales of 888.6 billion yen (USD 8.1 billion) and total assets of 1,020.7 billion yen (USD 9.3 billion). See www.teijin.com

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