Taiwan-U.S. Synergy Expands EV Supply-chain Collaboration

15 April 2024

TAIPEI,To promote closer cooperation between Taiwan-U.S. auto-electronics supply chain, technology, and regulations, SAE Taipei Section of Taiwan– the sole organization directly linking the vehicle domain with the U.S. –will soon lead a delegation to participate in the "2024 World Congress Experience (WCX)", powered by SAE International.

Taiwan's auto-electronics industry, valued at over NT$400 billion in 2023, is poised to become a trillion-dollar sector under the continuous joint efforts from both the government and private manufacturers.

The Taiwanese delegation, led by SAE Taipei Section Chairman Jerry Wang, also Chairman of the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) in Taiwan, includes industry elites from local automakers, industry, research institutes, and others. The delegation aims to foster deep industry exchanges and international cooperation, connecting global innovation energy and enhancing Taiwan's international competitiveness, ultimately contributing to sustainable net-zero goals.  

The automotive industry is facing a monumental transformation, transitioning from traditional fuel-powered vehicles to the EV era; in which the supply-chain systems and collaborations have fundamentally changed, making technical exchange and international cooperation crucial for industry development. Taiwan's vehicle industry, leveraging its leading position in semiconductors, robust chip design capabilities, and mature vehicle communication technology, provides a solid foundation for autonomous driving, auto-electronics, and EV technology. This positions Taiwan favorably as a critical player in international supply chains.

Chairman Wang states that research institutions estimate EV penetration will reach 60% by 2040, with a market size approaching US$2 trillion. The rise of EVs also propels the development of auto-electronics and intelligent transportation systems. AI technologies play a crucial role, including applications like smart-cockpit monitoring and driving scenarios simulation generated by AI. Taiwan boasts a complete EV industry supply chain, backed by international delivery records and abundant ICT capabilities. With competitive advantages in "system integration" and " intelligence" Wang stresses, Taiwan can meet the demands of international automakers and global markets, while also assisting in key technology autonomy and elevating its position in international supply chains.

Upon arriving in Detroit, the Taiwanese delegation will immediately visit the SAE headquarters and participate in the 2024 SAE WCX. They will engage with SAE chapters from around the world. The itinerary also includes visits to renowned companies such as Optimal Group and Humanetics, the world's largest manufacturer of crash test dummies. Additionally, the delegation will explore the latest developments in GM's autonomous virtual technology applications. The journey extends to California, where they will visit Tesla in San Francisco, further exploring opportunities for Taiwan-U.S. collaboration in the ADAS supply chain.

The SAE will collaborate with the Michigan Chinese Academic and Professional Association, a group of experts based in the Detroit, to co-host the "2024 North America Automotive Technology Conference" with the Michigan Chinese Academic and Professional Association". This platform will facilitate sharing the latest trends in intelligent vehicles and discussions on future development, promoting further cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S. in critical system areas such as smart vehicle electrification.

SOURCE Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC)