Stella Automotive Ai Collaborates With Microsoft To Advance Automotive Retail With Generative Ai-powered Technology

2 February 2024

STELLATM Automotive AI today announced its collaboration with Microsoft to deliver a next-generation automotive retail customer experience that combines STELLA's extensive language-driven automotive technology portfolio with  Microsoft Azure AI Services.  With this collaboration, STELLA will use Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to extend STELLA's digital voice assistant into more robust topic areas, creating a holistic user experience and seamless integration for automakers and dealers using conversational user interfaces.

"Today STELLA creates unmatched efficiency delivering front line conversational technology in the dealer environment," says Rich Sands, STELLA Automotive AI's CEO. "By collaborating with Microsoft and applying their cutting-edge AI solutions through Azure, we will be able to build customer experiences that last through more than just a single transaction; STELLA will harness enhanced language capabilities, increased compute power, intelligence, and predictive resources to deliver a continuous and seamless consumer relationship to our customers."   

With integrations into Dealer Management Systems, Financial and Insurance platforms, and scheduler and CRM systems, STELLA is already federating large amounts of data.  The integration with Microsoft will allow the STELLA SaaS product to be delivered on Azure, and to be deployed with Dealers, OEM's, top system integrators and service providers who are using other Microsoft assets as well as Open AI services in automotive. By re-platforming on Azure, STELLA will be able to integrate with Microsoft Azure advanced AI capabilities to improve its digital voice assistant.

"Generative AI has the potential to fundamentally change the way OEMs and dealers interact with customers through natural language. With STELLA AI's deep automotive expertise and Microsoft AI and cloud leadership, we are well positioned to support automakers in creating highly differentiated customer experiences," said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility at Microsoft.

STELLA AI's fully integrated, AI-powered conversational assistant facilitates advanced voice interactions, thereby reshaping the customer experience and dealership operations. The collaboration enables automotive OEMs and their customers to create a holistic user experience through seamless integrations using conversational AI.

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About STELLATM Automotive AI:
STELLA Automotive AI is the leading provider of intelligent conversational AI technology in the automotive industry. Through its groundbreaking AI solutions, STELLA empowers the automotive industry with a simple-to-deploy SaaS platform that integrates with dealerships and their service providers securely and privately to fully automate repetitive customer service tasks, to expedite and improve communication with customers, and to connect experts to those who need help. STELLA is spearheading an AI revolution in automotive retail by addressing key challenges faced by OEMs, dealers, and customers alike.

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