ŠKODA to Optimize Manufacturing Processes and Cut Production Costs Using Seebo's Predictive Quality Solution

1 November 2019

Seebo, a pioneer in process-centric Artificial Intelligence, announced today a new cooperation, with ŠKODA AUTO, the leading Czech car manufacturer. ŠKODA and Seebo have partnered in order to predict and prevent losses in ŠKODA's engine production lines by using Seebo's unique process-centric AI solution. The deployment of Seebo Predictive Quality will be carried out in ŠKODA's automotive production lines, to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce production costs.

Seebo Predictive Quality collects and analyzes data from production lines and automated inspection systems, providing production teams continuous actionable insights, to enable better decision making. Leveraging predictive analytics and automated root-cause analysis, Seebo ensures production efficiency is kept at its highest level.

"The use of AI in the automotive industry is expanding beyond autonomous vehicles into the production plants, to attain smarter, data-driven manufacturing processes," says Lior Akavia, Seebo co-founder and CEO. "This collaboration demonstrates ŠKODA's continued commitment to remain innovative, while excelling in production technology and we are proud to be part of their smart manufacturing strategy."

About Seebo

Seebo develops process-centric AI solutions, enabling manufacturers to predict and prevent process inefficiencies that damage production yield and quality. Leveraging predictive alerts and automatic root cause insights, Seebo drives continuous process improvement and manufacturing excellence.

Seebo solutions are deployed worldwide, at manufacturing sites of multiple industries including, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Chemicals and others, to optimize manufacturing by increasing throughput, while continually improving quality.

Media Contact:
Liran Akavia
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Source: prnewswire.com