Silicon Mitus Starts Mass-Producing Automotive OLED PMIC

11 August 2020

Silicon Mitus, Inc., an advanced specialist in Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC), announced that it has completed the development of automotive OLED PMIC and starts supplying the new products in the global automotive market.

Silicon Mitus develops and supplies OLED PMIC with a Korean OLED display manufacturer, which are applied to OLED displays, smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. Through the addition of the new automotive OLED PMIC, the company is expanding the scope of its business.

The automotive OLED PMIC, which Silicon Mitus has started mass-production, is certified with AEC Q100, a standard for automotive semiconductor reliability assessment. Silicon Mitus supplies the OLED PMIC for Virtual Mirror that consists of a camera and an OLED screen to German automakers through global module manufacturers. It also supplies the product for Center Information Display (CID), a screen showing vehicle information inside an automobile, to Japanese automakers.

OLED can be manufactured in various forms and has a number of strengths including the high contrast ratio. Therefore, the use of OLED in the automotive display is increasing. Silicon Mitus is expanding the applications of PMIC for automotive OLED display.

The automotive OLED PMIC plays a role to convert power supplied to an automotive battery to be suitable for the device and to distribute and control the power in an automobile.

Dongchun Kim, Silicon Mitus Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, said, “OLED is growing at a fast rate in the expanding automotive display market. Based on the technological power built in the mobile, audio and display fields, Silicon Mitus will strengthen its position in the automotive PMIC market.”

Silicon Mitus, Inc.

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