SERES MF Platform Marks a New Era for Intelligent Luxury Vehicles

23 May 2024

SERES Auto, the leading Chinese new energy vehicle company, has recently unveiled the MF platform which features comprehensive safety, diverse power, versatile space, and intelligent technology.

"SERES Group's development is rooted in a 'user-centric' approach, focusing on software-defined vehicles," said Zhang Xinghai, Founder and Chairman of SERES Auto. "We will continue to advance our leadership in technology, and further collaborate with global business partners to provide SERES users all over the world with an ultimate experience throughout the entire lifecycle of vehicle use."

A marvel of engineering, the MF platform allows SERES to be agile for rapid adaptation to changing market demands and consumer expectations. As the automotive industry ushers in a new era of intelligent change, the MF platform facilitates a smoother transition into the future for consumers. The ultimate benefits for consumers are reflected in four key aspects.

  • The MF platform redefines safety by introducing the industry's first comprehensive safety system. Covering over 150 safety scenarios, the MF platform has developed more than 200 safety features and incorporates an industry-leading 40 safety technologies. This comprehensive approach significantly elevates the safety standards of the driving experience.
  • The MF platform also offers diverse power options. It is currently the only platform in the industry that is compatible with range extender, pure electric, and hybrid power forms, giving users more choice.
  • In terms of versatile space, the super intelligent and flexible MF platform allows for a high degree of customization and scalability across different vehicle models and types, from B-class to D-class, from sedans to SUV, MPV and beyond, ensuring that a wide range of consumer needs can be met efficiently. Regardless of the vehicle type, the MF platform can carry luxurious and comfortable configurations to satisfy the personalized demands of the consumers.
  • As the heart of SERES’ ‘Intelligence redefining luxury’ vision, the MF platform will deliver industry-leading intelligence to all SERES models, and set a new standard for the consumer-centric luxury new energy vehicles. It has achieved 100% complete SOA, opened over 1,300 API interfaces, and can integrate more than 5,000 applications, ensuring a completely personalized user experience. Coupled with powerful OTA upgrade capabilities, the MF platform can ensure the vehicle remains contemporary and highly functional, making it a truly smart, user-friendly luxury car.