Saku Announces Successful 3D Printing of Fully Functional, High-Performance Patterned Battery

18 February 2023

A transformative additive manufacturing and solid-state battery company with commercial-scale manufacturing capabilities for next-generation SwiftPrint batteries and other complex active devices. Saku Corporation inventor of the disruptive Kavian platform solution , announces consistent success in 3D printing fully functional high-performance batteries in custom shapes and sizes since December 2020 To do. These cells were printed in a completely dry process at Saku's Silicon Valley Battery Pilot Line facility as patterned cells containing patterned openings for thermal management.

This is the first recorded manufacturing achievement of its kind and a significant step forward towards Saku's planned commercial scale production of next-generation SwiftPrint™ batteries, including solid-state batteries from our Kavian™ platform. becomes.

Karl Littau, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Saku, commented: “Our development shows that the Kavian™ platform enables the commercial-scale and sustainable production of a wide range of battery technologies, from lithium-ion to lithium-metal to solid-state batteries. As a result, traditional advanced cell manufacturing methods continually face core obstacles that prevent high-volume production.In addition, our printing process can significantly improve the energy density of the finished battery. In addition, our platform allows the battery form factor to be customized, meaning that the battery itself can become part of the product design with customized shapes and sizes. It's a crucial moment that has a huge impact on battery manufacturing.

Saku is less efficient in the inherently wet process of slow layer-on-layer printing and screen printing (which requires a lot of energy to remove unwanted solvents and suffers from poor print quality and unstable production). We have invented a fully industrialized process for printing batteries in a parallel and dry process, with a proprietary multi-material/multi-layer approach. Saku's invention enables low-cost, high-speed manufacturing, flexibility in shape and form, and offers batteries in core categories that are most important to clients and customers. . For example, Saku's first printed battery is expected to demonstrate successful cycling performance at C/5, IC current rates and achieve high energy densities of 800-1000Wh/L.

Utilizing a proprietary lithium metal battery chemistry, Saku's printing process involves from the first raw material to the final ready-to-use patterned battery, creating a new paradigm in manufacturing and energy storage. By enabling patterned battery printing, new avenues in thermal dynamic regulation allow more efficient use of battery cell volume. This allows integration of fixtures, sensors, heat transport pathways and control by pattern design, especially when thin sub-cell battery structures are stacked in alignment with identical patterned openings for thermal management. .

Robert Bagheri, Founder and CEO of Saku, said: “With our novel Kavian platform, we believe we have the only known solution for manufacturing solid-state batteries at scale. , has achieved what most people thought impossible: printing custom patterned batteries in a dry process that goes from the first raw material to the final fully functional high performance battery has become an integral part of every industry. A breakthrough technology that has the potential to change the way the batteries of the future are manufactured.This milestone accomplishment is a milestone for our Kavian platform and our commercial-scale battery, which is aiming for an energy output target of 200 GWh by 2030. It will drive integration with production planning through our global network of partner gigafactories.”

Saku's Kavian™ platform will be sold to leading automotive, e-mobility and aerospace manufacturers, as well as other battery manufacturers. Companies looking to mass produce batteries are innovating in product design by shortening supply chains, enhancing critical cell performance and safety characteristics, as well as realizing inherent material, energy savings and sustainability benefits. You can maximize your performance. In addition, Saku plans to license its proprietary battery chemistries (lithium metal and solid-state batteries) so that they can be produced at the Gigafactory using traditional roll-to-roll or Kavian™ methods.

About Saku

As a pioneering manufacturing technology company, Saku is implementing a disruptive additive manufacturing technology platform approach for the commercial-scale production of batteries and other complex active devices. Initial efforts will focus on energy storage, using our Kavian™ platform to print a range of next-generation batteries, from lithium metal batteries to all-solid-state batteries, that will help reduce society's dependence on fossil fuels. To do. Founded in 2016, Sakoo operates two facilities at its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California: a solid-state battery pilot line facility and an additive manufacturing engineering facility. For more information on Sakuu's progress and dedication to a safer and more sustainable electrified future, please visit our website ( ).

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