RoboSense will showcase leading safety solutions in the LiDAR industry at the 2023 International Automotive Safety & Security Congress

20 June 2023

RoboSense, a global leader in intelligent LiDAR sensor systems, delivered a keynote speech at the 2023 International Automotive Safety & Security Congress in Shanghai on June 7-8. The congress was hosted by SAE International, the market leader in connecting and training mobility professionals to develop safe, clean and accessible mobility solutions. RoboSense was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech, presenting its industry-leading security practices and experience with LiDAR technology. RoboSense also participated in a panel discussion on LiDAR integration for mass production of intelligent driving systems.

With the introduction of intelligent driving in the automotive industry, the demand for improved perception skills is increasing. LiDAR plays a crucial role in autonomous driving systems and affects overall vehicle safety. To meet the safety needs of the automotive industry, RoboSense has developed an innovative and modular approach to product design that ensures a comprehensive safety technology system for the M-Series LiDAR. The system covers the following four aspects:

  1. The functional safety system conforms to ISO 26262 and meets the requirements of safety level ASIL-B. The M-Series LiDAR has passed over 160 functional safety documents and nearly 2000 safety tests, ensuring its robustness and application in over 50 vehicle models.
  2. The expected functional safety is checked by SOTIF analysis, simulation tests and validation tests under different environmental conditions.
  3. It offers network security according to ISO 21434 and meets the requirements of security level CAL2. RoboSense protects information and user privacy and protects against hacker attacks.
  4. When it comes to perceptual security, RoboSense follows a comprehensive closed-loop process that adheres to security standards specifications. The company strictly follows the specifications of safety standards such as UL 4600, ISO 5469, ISO 21448, ISO 26262 and ISO 34502.

RoboSense's commitment to LiDAR security is supported by a team of highly qualified experts who have extensive experience in security development and analysis. They have contributed to and managed significant projects at national level, earning certifications such as the German TUV Rheinland Functional Safety Engineer Certificate and the CCAA National Auditor Qualification, the National Registered Safety Engineer Qualification and multiple SIL4/SIL2 Functional Safety Certificates.

RoboSense is committed to promoting a better understanding and implementation of LiDAR security practices in the industry. Attendance at the conference, including the keynote address and panel discussion, demonstrated the company's commitment to driving innovation and ensuring safe and reliable integration of LiDAR technology into intelligent driving systems.

With its commitment to safety and its team of experienced experts, RoboSense strengthens its position as a reliable partner for car manufacturers and technology companies worldwide. The company will continue to innovate, set industry standards, and ensure the safe and reliable integration of LiDAR technology into intelligent driving systems.

About RoboSense :

RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a global leader in intelligent LiDAR sensor systems. With a comprehensive portfolio of LiDAR sensors, AI perception and IC chipsets, RoboSense transforms traditional 3D LiDAR sensors into comprehensive data analysis and interpretation systems.

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