RoboSense LiDAR partners with Banma and AutoX to develop world-class autonomous driving platform

22 April 2021

RoboSense (, the leading provider of intelligent LiDAR sensors, announces the formation of a strategic partnership with Banma Network Technology, a provider of intelligent vehicle operating systems and solutions that works with the Alibaba Group and SAIC Motor, and AutoX, the most advanced Chinese AI platform for self-driving vehicles. The aim of this cooperation is to develop a high-quality autonomous platform for intelligent vehicles through in-depth cooperation on the 3D LiDAR sensor, AI algorithm and an intelligent vehicle operating system to create an advanced intelligent cockpit based on a common driving performance of man and machine is based.

As part of the collaboration, the integration of intelligent cockpits with autonomous driving systems is to be promoted through the fusion of hardware, software and AI capabilities. RoboSense will provide the robust LiDAR sensor solution that not only meets the requirements of high quality autonomous driving systems, but also the requirements of Banma's advanced intelligent cockpit systems. RoboSense LiDAR provides accurate environmental perception data for the autonomous driving system "AI Driver" from AutoX and ensures the safety of the intelligent vehicle operating system from Banma.

In January 2021, RoboSense and Banma jointly established the Intelligent Perception Innovation Center. Three months later, the two companies formed a mass production-ready solution based on the intelligent vehicle operating system and the solid-state RS-LiDAR-M1 suitable for vehicles, which meets the requirements of autonomous passenger vehicles and the RoboTaxis.

Mark Qiu, Executive President and Co-Founder of RoboSense, said: “ Here three companies are working together to integrate an intelligent cockpit system, perception system and an AI-based solution for autonomous driving. This enables us to provide a new generation of intelligent vehicle solutions that offer OEMs and other customers potentially greater value. "

Qiang Xu, CIO of Banma said, “ Smart interactions, smart services, and smart driving are the three main aspects of smart vehicles. Smart cockpits and autonomous driving are now gradually coming together. In terms of hardware, we support RoboSense at the system level to ensure that its perceptual capabilities are used to the full. Regarding the algorithm, we offer AutoX a rich system with tool chain, cloud and end-user services to create a sustainable and efficient ecosystem of collaboration. "

Jianxiong Xiao, founder and CEO of AutoX, added: “ The completely driverless RoboTaxi is now becoming a reality in China, giving passengers more free time in the car. However, the vehicle needs even more intelligent services and interaction options in order to enable a truly intelligent and pleasant journey. A complete product ecosystem jointly developed by three parties will ensure a safe and pleasant autonomous driving solution. "

About RoboSense
RoboSense is the leading provider of intelligent LiDAR sensor systems with integrated LiDAR sensors, AI algorithms and IC chipsets that convert traditional 3D LiDAR sensors into complete data analysis and understanding systems. The company's mission is to own superior hardware and artificial intelligence capabilities to provide intelligent solutions that provide robots (including vehicles) with superior perceptual capabilities to humans.

About Banma
Banma is a provider of intelligent vehicle operating systems, intelligent vehicle solutions and digital transportation solutions for the automotive and transportation industries. The power of Banma Automobile Solutions' proprietary AliOS is already used in more than 1 million vehicles. In the future, Banma wants to advance the digitalization of transport by driving people and machines together and vehicle and road working together.

About AutoX
AutoX is the leading RoboTaxis provider in China. It is the only company that operates a fully driverless RoboTaxi fleet with no security drivers on public roads in China. The company's self-driving platform is capable of navigating the densest and busiest urban traffic in cities around the world. AutoX is the world's second holder of the California DMV approval for fully driverless RoboTaxis.

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