ReCarbon, Inc. and HYZON Motors, Inc. in collaboration to commercialize green hydrogen powered heavy trucks and buses

24 July 2020

ReCarbon, Inc., the developer of the proprietary Plasma Carbon Conversion Unit (PCCU), a revolutionary greenhouse gas utilization technology, announced the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with world-leading hydrogen fuel-cell mobility company HYZON Motors, Inc. ( laying the foundation for green hydrogen mobility projects globally.

ReCarbon CEO, Dr. Jay Kim said, "We are pleased to collaborate with HYZON Motors, to play a substantial role in the proliferation of green hydrogen mobility to holistically address the issue of carbon emissions, across the entire global heavy mobility sector."

"Offering green hydrogen mobility as a service is the cornerstone mission of our company. Our collaboration with ReCarbon creates an opportunity to provide this to fleet owners, to make the switch from diesel to hydrogen economically, while drastically reducing their carbon footprint from fuel to emissions." said George Gu, CEO of New York-based HYZON Motors, Inc.

This MOU is one of ReCarbon's several critical developments in 2020, in addition to the following highlights:

  • Commissioning of a commercial plant in August in Tennessee, USA, with its exclusive domestic landfill gas to renewable hydrogen distributor, H2Renewables, LLC.
  • Fast developing projects in Australia, Canada, and Korea.
  • Ongoing discussions with global companies to spearhead hydrogen mobility.

Contributing to the proliferation of renewable hydrogen facilities from waste sources, and kick-starting hydrogen mobility globally, are some of ReCarbon's key expansion strategies.

HYZON Motors recently unveiled their USA headquarters and production facility, at the former General Motors fuel-cell facility near Rochester, New York. In addition to the United States, HYZON is currently working to deploy trucks and buses in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

About ReCarbon: ReCarbon, Inc., is the creator of ReCarbonTM, an innovative technology platform that recycles carbon emissions into revenue generating products. The Company specializes in building proprietary plasma generation systems that convert carbon emissions into industrial gases.

About HYZON Motors: Hyzon Motors, Inc., is the world leading fuel-cell mobility commercialization spin-off of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, drawing upon its expertise in fuel-cell technology and drive-train integration, with hundreds of heavy vehicles currently operating on the world-class fuel cell technology.

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