ProteanTecs Launches Advanced Real-Time Safety Monitoring for Automotive Electronics

25 June 2024

proteanTecs, a global leader of health and performance monitoring solutions for advanced electronics, announced the launch of RTSM™  a deep data application for fault detection and failure prevention in mission-critical automotive applications.

The rapid advancements in automotive architectures, particularly with the rise of software-defined, electric, and autonomous vehicles, have introduced advanced electronic systems and complex semiconductor technologies. This, coupled with stringent safety requirements of the ISO 26262 standard, results in a new set of challenges for automotive manufacturers and OEMs. Maintaining safety standards without compromising performance becomes a critical challenge.

proteanTecs RTSM introduces a new industry-grade safety layer, serving as the ECU’s silent guard. A real-time safety monitoring, predictive & prescriptive maintenance application, it allows systems to stay always-on while receiving immediate alerts about faults before they become errors. RTSM augments the best-in-class safety diagnostic methods, by monitoring timing margins in the chip at a real-time resolution, under actual workloads and with high diagnostic coverage. Combining on-chip data with algorithm-based identification of issue severity, RTSM enables dynamic system adjustment and failure prevention.

Key benefits

  • Predictive Maintenance – algorithm-based Performance Index and notifications of risk severity, based on thresholds, affected areas, logic, power domains, and history of events
  • Prescriptive Maintenance – real-time operational system adjustments to avoid failures
  • Safety Mechanism – the detection of logical failures due to timing violations
  • Faster reaction time – low latency warning signals and real-time actions
  • Non-stop monitoring – always-on and in-mission mode

To learn more, download the RTSM white paper here.

“With the automotive industry undergoing rapid transformation, our new safety monitoring solution comes at a crucial time,” said Uzi Baruch, chief strategy officer at proteanTecs. “RTSM is poised to revolutionize the automotive electronics market by providing manufacturers and OEMs with the tools needed to meet the demands of next-generation vehicles. We are committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the standardization curve with a future-proof safety layer, driving the path to zero failures together.”

RTSM is part of the company’s comprehensive portfolio of Health and Performance proteanTecs Monitoring solutions, addressing the needs of the AI, Datacenter, Automotive, Consumer, Aerospace & Defense, and Telecommunications markets.

The latest addition to their robust suite of applications for Automotive electronics, RTSM leverages proteanTecs’ foundational deep data approach, and adds real-time monitoring to their existing software offering of Degradation Monitoring, Mission Profile Monitoring, and Continuous Performance Monitoring.

proteanTecs will be demonstrating RTSM and other cutting-edge, deep data applications at the upcoming Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco. For the full presentation agenda and to book a private demo, visit here.

About proteanTecs

proteanTecs is the leading provider of deep data analytics for advanced electronics monitoring. Trusted by global leaders in the AI, datacenter, automotive, communications and mobile markets, the company provides system health and performance monitoring, from production to the field. By applying machine learning to novel data created by on-chip monitors, the company's deep data analytics solutions deliver unparalleled visibility and actionable insights—leading to new levels of power, quality and reliability. The company is headquartered in Israel and has offices in the United States, India, South Korea and Taiwan. For more information, visit

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