Prominent Energy Solutions Company Launching Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Pilot Program

4 October 2022

Voltyx and its family of operating companies is currently in the process of launching their pilot program for electric and hybrid vehicles. This pilot program will focus on right-sizing the sales and non-field technician fleet to reduce the organization's overall carbon footprint.

As of now, Voltyx is slated to replace 4% of their overall fleet with EV and hybrid Fords by the end of 2023. A major step towards lower emissions exuded by their entire workforce. While a 4% replacement is on the docket for 2023, the company's plans for moving towards EV and Hybrid vehicles does not stop there as the long-term goal is to replace the sales and leadership fleets as well.

In addition to this pilot program, Voltyx currently has charging stations located at two St. Louis, MO area offices with plans to install more by the end of 2023. These additional charging stations will be added to support the new EV and Hybrid vehicles which will be allocated throughout the continental United States.

About Voltyx
As the holding company of five operating companies – EPS, NASS, EPST, TLS, and NOMOS, Voltyx is an integrated power solutions provider focused on guiding our partners through vision, strategy, service, and support. The Voltyx family has served the electrical grid for more than 40 years and is united at the core by providing exceptional testing, engineering, maintenance, grid equipment, and cyber security services. Our reputation for safety, innovation, and service is built on a foundation of well-leveraged resources and competencies, driving reliability back to our partners.