Prieto launched the world's fastest rechargeable battery, which can be fully charged in 3 minutes

23 May 2023

Prieto Battery, Inc., a global leader in lithium-ion battery technology, unveiled the latest prototype of a patented 3D interdigitated battery with multiple breakthroughs performance:

  • 3 minutes ultra-fast charging
  • Operates and charges in extremely low (minus 30 degrees Celsius) and extremely high (plus 100 degrees Celsius) temperatures
  • non-flammable

The three characteristics of Prieto lithium-ion batteries are tested and verified by a third-party accredited battery testing laboratory.

super fast charging

Mike Rosenberg, CEO of Prieto, said: "Prieto batteries can be charged faster than the gas tank of a car. When the car charges faster than it can be refueled, range is no longer an issue, and everyone can buy it." electric car."

The 3D structure of the Prieto battery enables batteries of any capacity to be fully charged in three minutes and to 50% in 90 seconds.

Rosenberg added: "A three-minute charge time fundamentally disrupts the way businesses design products and the way consumers use them."

Working in extreme temperatures around the clock

The Prieto 3D battery has the widest operating temperature range in the industry, and it can not only operate at minus 30 degrees Celsius (minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit), but also charge at that temperature. The battery is also capable of operating at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) and is safe.

"As far as we know, the Prieto battery is the only battery that can not only operate at minus 30 degrees Celsius, but can also be charged at that temperature." Rosenberg explained, "We all saw that last winter, when North America experienced extreme cold weather, many People are in trouble because their electric cars have no power. With our batteries, these electric cars can continue to run and charge, and drivers can feel more confident driving electric cars in extreme temperatures."


Prieto's 3D structure and design ensure that the battery is non-flammable and non-explosive. Prieto batteries have been subjected to the gold standard "nail penetration test" by a third-party lab, and no fires or explosions have occurred, and the batteries continue to operate.

Rosenberg explained: "Prieto batteries are safe to operate and will not catch fire like traditional lithium-ion batteries. The 3D structure and materials we use ensure that our batteries will not thermally run away or catch fire, giving consumers peace of mind."

3D finger technology

"Dr. Amy Prieto, the founder of the company, redesigned the entire structure of the traditional battery and developed the first 3D interdigitated battery." Rosenberg said, "What we have brought is a better structure and better process, and the result will be It's better batteries and a superior consumer experience. It's a true revolution that will revolutionize the way we deliver power."

Prieto's 3D structure is completely different from all other batteries. The 2D structures used in today's batteries were developed decades ago and cannot combine energy storage and fast charging. In a 2D battery, energy can only flow in one direction on a two-dimensional plane. Lithium ions must flow from one surface to the other in order to recharge, creating extreme limitations. Thicker 2D batteries can store more energy, but longer ion channels lead to slower charging. Thinner 2D batteries charge faster but store less energy.

Dr. Prieto, founder and chief technology officer of Prieto, said: "We have greatly shortened the diffusion length in any direction, which not only achieves ultra-fast charging, but also provides higher power and better energy storage than 2D batteries. Our The core of the battery looks like a thin copper sponge, and the ions only need to flow from one fiber to the next, a much shorter distance than conventional 2D batteries."

Compared with traditional 2D batteries, the design power density (20C discharge rate) of Prieto batteries is increased by five times, and the energy density can be increased by up to three times. It can be customized for any size or use, including electric vehicles, power tools, medical equipment, mobile phones, small household appliances, and more.

Simple and economical manufacturing process

Prieto's new battery is uniquely positioned to be manufactured using low-cost, sustainable materials and a simple and scalable process. Prieto uses a proven room temperature water-based plating process that does not require dry rooms, clean rooms or other expensive equipment in production.

"From day one, I made manufacturing a premise of battery design, and I knew that to redesign a battery, we first had to be able to simplify production and scale up quickly, efficiently and economically," said Dr. Prieto.

Prieto's current lab-fabricated yield is over 90%.

"We are now turning our focus to commercialization, and we are finalizing plans for a pilot production facility," said Rosenberg. "Our high production rates, combined with our simple and common manufacturing process used in many other industries , will eventually allow us to achieve a cost much lower than that of traditional lithium-ion batteries, and we are full of confidence."

Prieto is currently discussing manufacturing and application with potential partners.

About Prieto

The proprietary 3D interdigitated battery developed by Prieto offers game-changing performance, including ultra-fast charging, wide temperature operation and safety, at a low cost. The battery can be customized into any shape and size and can be used in electric vehicles, consumer electronics and commercial equipment. Prieto has also patented a unique electroplating manufacturing process that uses non-toxic materials and does not require highly specialized facilities. Founded in 2009, the company has laboratories and headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. Welcome to the website .

About Dr. Amy Prieto

Dr. Prieto is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Prieto Corporation. She earned her Ph.D. in chemistry from UC Berkeley and completed postdoctoral work at Harvard University. Dr. Prieto received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers for this battery technology, was honored by the Smithsonian Institution, and her innovation is in a museum in Washington, D.C. on display.

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