Optikos announces new optical test products to meet automotive imaging demand

13 September 2022

Optikos Corporation introduced three new products to its OpTest ® and Meridian ® lens and camera metrology lines. They were developed to meet the special requirements for test and image acquisition conditions in the field of automotive imaging.

Optikos has long been a pioneer in the development and commercialization of test equipment for evaluating lenses and cameras, including the OpTest ® and LensCheck ™ lines , which are considered the gold standard for assessing the image quality of lens assemblies, and the Meridian line, for measuring the performance of a lens fully assembled camera. The company is also recognized for its comprehensive range of standard products, but also for its willingness to fully customize hardware and software to the customer's specific needs, such as: B. those in automotive imaging.

With two of its latest products, Optikos has extended its expertise in measuring lens flare effects to camera assemblies. The Meridian camera test line now includes products that serve as sources for Veiling Glare Index (VGI) and Glare Spread Function (GSF) measurements.

VGI measurements are useful for determining diffuse irradiance at the image plane and require a uniformly lit background field containing one or more dark objects. The new Meridian VGI source is a specially adjustable hemispherical integrating sphere that can be equipped with light traps of various sizes. It allows customers to specify the sizes and positions of the light traps according to the characteristics of the camera assemblies under test. The system is illuminated using white LEDs, the intensity of which can be controlled remotely.

Glare spread function tests evaluate the severity of ghost reflections or other prominent stray light artifacts that form concentrated radiation patterns. The new Meridian Sol-55 projector addresses this need with a modular design, featuring interchangeable lens hood drawers to control the angle of the projected target, and an aperture wheel to control the numerical aperture of the illumination through the lens hood. "The unique design avoids crowding of the lens under test and creates a secondary source of stray light from diffusing surfaces, while providing illumination from a high-intensity white LED that can be remotely controlled for highly dynamic measurements," said David Imrie, Optiko's chief technology officer .

Meridian Sol-55 projectors are designed for flexible mounting at predefined field points in relation to the device under test in rigid assemblies. These form a meridian sunfield system. They are distinguished from Meridian Starfield Static Target Projector (STP) assemblies used in Image Quality Testing for Cameras (MTF).

In addition to stray light, temperature extremes are a major concern for image sensor performance in automotive cameras. Optikos has been testing lenses over a wide temperature range with its IQ Lab™ Optical Testing Service since 2017. The first product to use this testing process for lenses up to 150mm is the Thermal Module TM-1150 System.

The new TC-1065 is a lens testing thermal chamber that extends to the maximum size of lenses to be tested over a range of temperatures with a LensCheck system, complementing the smaller TC-1050 and TC-1010 products also available in the range are. In order to optimize the thermal performance, the size of the thermal chamber is usually determined according to the dimensions of the specific lenses to be tested.

Optikos will be exhibiting at AutoSens Brussels 2022 from October 12th to 14th . For more information on Optikos solutions for automotive imaging, please use the contact details below.

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