Opsys Tech and Wideye by AGC to demonstrate LiDAR-integrated windshield at CES 2023

4 January 2023

Opsys Tech Ltd., a leading developer of patented True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR technology, is proud to announce its collaboration with Wideye to deliver windshield integration of True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR sensors. A LiDAR-integrated windshield prototype will be on display at CES in Las Vegas beginning on January 5, 2023. This LiDAR-integrated windshield will demonstrate seamless integration of sensors behind a fully compliant automotive windshield.

"This project underscores how well our LiDAR sensors can work in multiple parts of the vehicle," said Opsys Tech CEO Rafi Harel. "Our system is extremely adaptable. It will give auto companies the flexibility they need to make LiDAR part of their future safety and ADAS solutions."

Opsys's patented True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR technology allows for a simple and powerful sensor device, which can be easily adapted to different integration options, including areas within the passenger compartment. True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR with a precise beam pattern is capable of compensating the potential distortion introduced by the windshield. The lack of any moving parts in the Opsys sensor helps to keep things cool and silent during operation, meeting comfort demands of modern, quiet electrical vehicles while delivering best-in-class performance.

Wideye, launched by AGC in 2016, strives to make mobility safer with stylish and reliable 360-degree seamless automotive integration solutions. This is made possible thanks to Wideye's innovative soda-lime high-performance glass. This unique glass is transparent to near infra-red and with high optical quality indispensable for the installation of optical sensors, such as LiDAR and cameras, and enables sensor performance on par with exterior integrated solutions, such as those found on the edge of the roof or the front grille.

"From the very beginning, Wideye's vision has been to integrate sensors behind windshield-leveraging existing functionalities -- and therefore meeting the automotive market need for a reliable, cost effective, and stylish integration," said Wideye CEO Quentin Fraselle. "Through this collaboration, our target is to demonstrate that a solution with high performance sensors covering a 120° HFOV is achievable and to bring it to market. Integrated windshields will significantly simplify vehicle installation by using existing heating and cleaning components for the windshield, bringing best value LiDAR solution to the market. "

As one of the world's leading automotive glass experts, Wideye by AGC is enabling autonomous driving by leading the way for sensor integration. Wideye provides a unique windshield design, unleashing full power of Opsys Tech's near infrared LiDAR sensor.

With a meticulously analyzed compound materials, sensor performance in the Wideye windshield remains on par with exterior integrated solutions, such as those found on the edge of the roof or the front grille.

The demonstrated prototype on display at CES 2023 is a major step for Opsys Tech towards product release for windshield integration, which is planned to be available later in the year.

Opsys Tech Solid-State Scanning LiDAR:

Has no moving parts
Is extremely durable
Offers best performance and value
Delivers "all specs all the time" across the full field of vision with no limitation of installation
Opsys Tech @ CES2023
The Opsys team invites you to meet us at CES 2023, booth #6507 in Las Vegas, NV and to schedule to take a ride with our live demo in @Vegas traffic.

About Opsys Tech
Opsys Tech was founded in 2016 and has developed a world-leading patented True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR solution that will drive adoption and commercialization of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles with maximized safety and performance. Opsys Tech is headquartered in Israel, with locations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

On the Web: www.opsys-tech.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/opsys-technologies

About Wideye by AGC
Wideye® by AGC, a corporate scaleup focusing on autonomous vehicle ecosystems, was launched by Tokyo-based AGC Group, a world-leading supplier of flat, automotive and display glass, chemicals and other high-tech materials and components. Wideye is backed by AGC Automotive Europe, AGC Group's European automotive glass branch, which specializes in the production of glazing solutions for carmakers.

Since its launch in 2016, Wideye has focused on enabling ADAS deployment and making fully autonomous vehicles a reality.


Source: prnewswire.com