O9 Solutions Expands Its Strategic Partnership with Marelli to Implement Automated Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) Process Globally

8 March 2023

o9 Solutions , the industry leader in planning solutions and providing a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to transform planning and decision making, today announced an expanded strategic partnership with Marelli , one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems in the automotive sector. The renewed partnership includes the adoption of the o9 Digital Brain platform in Marelli manufacturing plants globally to implement a state-of-the-art automated sales, inventory and operations planning (SIOP) process.

Marelli, one of the world's leading independent suppliers to the automotive industry, has a proven history of innovation and manufacturing excellence. To digitally transform its planning processes and with the ambitious goal of creating the backbone solution for the sector, the Italian multinational needed an innovative partner to support its vision. The significant value gained from an early implementation of the o9 Digital Brain platform, as well as o9's commitment to strategic collaboration to help it achieve its goals, prompted Marelli to select o9 for the global rollout of the SIOP process.

The o9 platform will support Marelli's digital transformation journey towards an end-to-end supply chain that ensures complete visibility and planning across the entire flow of operations, from customers to suppliers. It will also offer an automated and integrated environment for the SIOP process with a digital twin underpinning Marelli's operations, promoting agile, cross-functional collaboration both inside and outside the company. The platform will enable Marelli to predict supply chain risk, improve inventory management and reduce supply chain reaction costs. Considering the volatility of the supply chain in the automotive sector, Marelli will be able to make use of advanced demand forecasts,

“The past few years have further demonstrated the need to digitize the supply chain management strategy,” explains Carlo Chiarle, Vice President and Global Director of Manufacturing Operations and SIOP at Marelli. “The complexity and volatility present in the automotive sector require a planning platform that allows us to develop a digital twin of our business that allows us to create intelligent what-if scenarios to make informed decisions across all time horizons. We look forward to expanding the o9 project to a global scale and the opportunity to become a leader in automotive supply chain planning.”

“We are very pleased to take this next step in our innovative partnership with Marelli to help them become leaders in automotive planning and decision making,” comments Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-Founder and CEO of o9 Solutions. “The automotive sector is still feeling the ramifications of the volatility and rapid evolution of markets in recent years. The need for a planning platform capable of adapting to market demand is evident. The need for an innovative planning platform that scales with market demand is clear. We look forward to the continuation of our agreement with Marelli".

About o9 Solutions, Inc.

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