NOVOSENSE assists the formulation of LIN transceiver chip standard, promoting the high-quality development of the automotive chip industry

13 June 2023

In the end of May, 2023, the automotive electronics and electromagnetic compatibility sub-committee of the National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization held the "2023 First Series Meeting of the Automotive Chip Standard Research Working Group" in Jinan. Meanwhile, the Standard Drafting Group Meeting on the Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Auto Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Transceiver Chips led by NOVOSENSE was officially held. The representative of NOVOSENSE discussed and communicated with industry experts from more than ten automotive OEM, tier 1 suppliers, and industry organizations on the control mode and function, electrical characteristics, EMC requirements and environmental reliability, LIN communication protocol and consistency testing of LIN transceiver chips.

Along with the advancement of automobile electrification and intelligence, the use of auto chip increases greatly. Taking LIN transceiver chip as an example, there are generally about 15-20 LIN transceiver chips on a vehicle, and as many as 30 LIN chips on a vehicle that uses more controllers. According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2022, the production and sales of automobiles in China reported respectively 27.021 million sets and 26.864 million sets. LIN transceiver chips are in great demand, and the construction of a standard system is imperative.

LIN, as one of the common vehicle-mounted networks, aims to transmit low-speed data from control devices at the lowest possible cost. LIN bus can eliminate as much wiring as possible and is implemented using a single wire in each node. LIN is typically used in rearviews, window lifters, door switches, door locks, car seats, engine sensors, engine cooling fans, wiper controls, rain sensors, light controls, sunroofs, etc. With the advancement of the formulation of LIN transceiver chip industry standards, it will further develop the cognition of related chip demand and performance between auto enterprises and chip enterprises, and effectively increase the efficiency and collaboration of the upstream and downstream industry chains.

As one of the research units of automotive chip standard system construction, NOVOSENSE actively participates in the construction of the standard system, adheres to the combination of collaborative innovation and independent research and development, and continues to introduce automotive chips that meet the needs of the market and customers, helping the high-quality development of the chip industry and the automobile industry.