Nexen Tire will hold the opening ceremony of its new Europe Plant, located in the Czech Republic

6 August 2019

Nexen Tire, a leading global tire manufacturer, will hold the official opening ceremony of its Europe Plant, located in Zatec, Czech Republic. In line with the opening ceremony of this new manufacturing plant, Nexen will boost its progress in the European market.

To celebrate the inauguration of this new advanced facility, Petr Ocko , Czech Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Travis Kang , Global Executive Director of Nexen Tire and Byung-Joong Kang , Chairman of the Board of Nexen Tire, will visit Zatec to attend the ceremony from August 28. Under the slogan "The new wave for the future", the opening ceremony will celebrate the next stage of the global era of Nexen Tire and will celebrate the strengthening of the Czech-Korean trade association.

Located within the Triangle Strategic Industrial Zone in Zatec, the Nexen Tire plant in Europe covers an area of ??650,000 square meters. The company invested approximately one billion dollars in the facilities, creating a technologically integrated manufacturing center that can immediately apply the cutting-edge technologies of its global R&D centers. The plant has been operating since the end of April 2019 and has already celebrated The shipment of your first batch of tires.

Nexen Tire has completed its four major global R&D and production networks: THE NEXEN university, the Central Research Institute in Seoul, Korea; the Europe R&D Center; the North America R&D Center and the Europe Plant in Zatec. The production capacity of the Europe Plant is 3 million units in 2019 and is expected to increase to 11 million by 2022. Through the expansion of its productive capacity, Nexen Tire plans to strengthen its global presence by focusing even more on the European market.

Travis Kang , global director of Nexen Tire, said: "With the opening of the Europe Plant, Nexen Tire plans to develop, produce and distribute customized products for the European market," adding that, "With the completion of our four global institutions, Nexen Tire will be presenting products suitable for its customers around the world, especially in Europe. "

About Nexen Tire

Established in 1942, Nexen Tire is a global tire manufacturer based in South Korea . Nexen Tire, one of the fastest growing tire manufacturers worldwide, as of May 2019 has more than 500 dealers established in 137 countries around the world and has four manufacturing plants, two in Korea (Yangsan and Changnyeong) and one in Qingdao, China. Also, in 2019 another plant started operating in ┼Żatec, Czech Republic. Nexen Tire manufactures tires with advanced technology and design excellence for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks. The company also focuses on the production of ultra-high performance (UHP) tires, based on cutting-edge technologies. Nexen Tire supplies original tires (OE) to car manufacturers in various countries around the world. In 2014, the company first won the grand slam of the four major design awards worldwide. For more information, go to .