Nexen Tire Unveils New European Plant at Czech Republic Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

29 August 2019

Nexen Tire, the leading global tire manufacturer, is pleased to announce the official inauguration and ribbon cutting ceremony of the Nexen Tire European plant in Zatec. , Czech Republic, which took place on Wednesday, August 28 at 10am.

The opening ceremony of the European Nexen Tire factory took place with the motto "The new wave for the future", which marks the new era of Global Nexen. Over 300 guests attended, including Travis Kang , Nexen Tire Global Executive Director, Petr Ocko , Czech Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Oldrich Bubenicek , Governor of Usti nad Labem Region, Moon Seoung-hyun, Korean ambassador to the Czech Republic, Zadetz Zdenka Hamousova, Mayor of Zatec, leading OE and RE figures, business partners, local press, construction team and staff. Guests celebrated the completion of Nexen Tire's four major global R&D and production networks, and shared detailed information on the company's specific strategies and technologies.

“Opening the plant in Europe will bring Nexen Tire efficiency and responsiveness to neighboring automakers. Recognizing the importance of being closer to customers, we have established a production base to respond to their needs more quickly and flexibly. "said Travis Kang , global executive director of Nexen Tire. "As Korea's premier manufacturer with 77 years of tire industry knowledge and technology history, we plan to increase global production capacity by going beyond challenges and making great strides in the global tire industry."

After the opening and opening ceremony, the guests were able to visit the new factory and get to know the Smart Factory, with defective manufacturing in product quality, through an operating system capable of finding faults in advance.

Nexen Tire's European plant commenced operations in April 2019. Located in the Czech Republic, it has excellent access to the largest markets in Europe, such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The European factory will serve as a large production base with an R&D center, and Smart Factory will increase Nexen Tire's global production capacity.

About Nexen Tire

Nexen Tire, founded in 1942, is a global tire manufacturer based in South Korea. It is one of the fastest growing tire manufacturers in the world, working with over 500 dealers in 137 countries (May 2019), and has four factories: two in Korea (Yangsan and Changnyeong) and one in Qingdao, China. The Zatec plant in the Czech Republic also began operating in 2019. Nexen Tire produces passenger car tires, SUVs and light pickups with advanced technology and design excellence. The company also focuses on producing UHP tires, which are based on advanced technologies. Nexen Tire supplies original tires to global car manufacturers from various countries. In 2014, the company first won the Grand Slam of the world's top 4 design awards among various tire manufacturers. For more information, visit: .