New Electric Vehicle Manufacturer TELO Unveils the World’s Most Efficient EV Pickup Truck

14 June 2023

TELO, a new electric vehicle manufacturer, officially unveiled the first-of-its-kind TELO Truck today. Featuring the capacity of a standard truck, while measuring only 152-inches in length, TELO’s innovative configuration and compact size is redefining what an electric truck can be while targeting urban and suburban consumers.

TELO was founded by Jason Marks, who developed the test systems for the driver assistance safety features on five major United States’ automakers' vehicle platforms, and Forrest North, who helped develop the first Tesla Roadster and founded one of the first electric motorcycles companies, Mission Motors. TELO partnered with world-renown designer, advisor and investor Yves Béhar and Fuseproject for the vehicle design.

“As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow across the US, we saw a strong need for a vehicle that is suited for both urban environments and active lifestyles,” said Jason Marks, CEO and Co-Founder of TELO. “Now more than ever, urban adventurers want the practicality of a small footprint with the storage capacity and power of a traditional truck. With TELO, explorers can live in the city and venture out on weekends.”

Big Truck Capacity in a Compact Footprint

TELO’s design and technology each represent a groundbreaking shift in automotive construction. By redesigning the EV truck footprint and function from the ground up, TELO takes advantage of the best in electric and autonomous technology to meet the needs of both urban and suburban drivers.

With a 60-inch truck bed and a four-door five-passenger spacious interior, TELO has the capacity and storage dimensions of a standard pickup, but in a length that fits in small city streets and tight parking spots. TELO’s design signature is its lack of a long, sloping front-end. With no need for a large gas-powered engine and its battery packs embedded within the truck’s chassis, the vehicle length has been dramatically shortened without compromising on safety.

“By focusing on the design and placement of the battery pack within the truck’s chassis, we are able to not only to create a roomier crew cab, but also develop a vehicle that is practical for its users,” added Forrest North, CTO and Co-Founder. “Our patent-pending battery packs are space optimized to provide an impressive 350-mile range in between charges in our small footprint, while being highly manufacturable.”

Designed for the Urban Adventurer

TELO’s generous truck bed measures 60-inches with the tailgate closed. The truck bed’s generous size is expandable thanks to a specially designed mid-partition between the back-seat and the truck bed which, when folded down, expands the truck bed’s size towards the interior of the truck. This feature enables 4-feet by 8-feet sheets of plywood, long ladders, 9-foot surfboard, large tools and more to fit in the bed with the tailgate up.

A side tunnel storage compartment is designed for additional midsize items storage like suitcases and adventure gear, and doubles as a seat when down. The truck bed can also be modified to add a truck cap, where a third-row seat or a camping set-up can be placed.

“For us, the opportunity to design with the latest EV technology meant that we could create a category defining and environmentally mighty ultra-compact pickup truck,” notes Yves Béhar, TELO’s Head of Design and Advisor, “It is designed for city adventurers who want a vehicle nimble enough for city streets and robust enough for outdoor exploring, with plenty of space for their people and gear. It has been an honor to bring to life an unparalleled EV truck which offers best-in-class utility, safety and all around drivability.”

TELO is currently available for pre-order with a deposit of $152. For more information or to place an order, visit

About TELO

TELO Trucks makes intelligently designed, compact electric vehicle trucks for city living and weekend adventuring. Their signature truck, launched in 2023, features the standard bed capacity and crew cabin in a dramatically shortened 152 inch vehicle. Founded by Jason Marks and Forrest North, with design input from Yves Béhar and fuseproject, TELO Trucks are currently available for pre-order. For more information, visit

About fuseproject

fuseproject was founded in 1999 by Swiss designer, entrepreneur and educator, Yves Béhar. The multidisciplinary design studio collaborates with partners globally to deliver category-changing products and first to the world experiences in areas ranging from mobility, healthcare, robotics, beauty, consumer goods, the smart home and beyond. Notable fuseproject collaborations include innovative partnerships with Herman Miller, TELO Trucks, Samsung, Prada, Puma, Issey Miyake, SodaStream, Nivea, L’Oreal and The Ocean Cleanup. Fuseproject’s work is in museums worldwide, including the MoMA, V&A and the Pompidou center to name a few. Yves Béhar is a frequent speaker on design, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. Visit fuseproject online at


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