New Brand Launched, LASFIT AIR Revolutionizes Air Inflation Technology with Airmaster Inflator

26 October 2023

On October 25th, 2023, LASFIT AIR unveiled its official website, marking the highly-anticipated launch of the Airmaster Inflator. This milestone signifies a pivotal moment for LASFIT AIR as it embarks on a groundbreaking journey in the field of air inflation technology.

LASFIT, the parent brand of LASFIT AIR, has solidified its position in the automotive accessories industry since its inception in 2015. Renowned for its commitment to delivering top-tier products at exceptionally competitive prices, complemented by outstanding customer service and unparalleled technical support, LASFIT has now extended its reach by introducing the sub-brand, LASFIT AIR.

LASFIT AIR has a clear mission: to be the unwavering guardian of customers during their journeys. Guided by the core principles of safety, professionalism, technological innovation, and a passion for outdoor exploration, the brand aspires to become the trusted companion of travellers throughout their adventures.

Recognizing the stagnant state of the current air inflation technology market, characterised by a lack of revolutionary innovations in portable inflators, LASFIT AIR has taken the lead in diversifying user options. This initiative culminated in the development of the Airmaster Inflator.

Tech Revolution, Professional Performance.

The Airmaster Inflator is no ordinary portable air pump. Its innovative 24mm dual-cylinder technology packs exceptional strength into a compact form. With an unrivalled airflow rate of 50 LPM(1.76CFM), it is three times faster than conventional inflators, fully inflating off-road vehicle tires in just three minutes (for example, 285/70/R17 tires 29-36 PSI). It represents an unprecedented level of efficiency, perfectly suited for conquering the most challenging off-road journeys. It's the ultimate companion for off-road vehicles and pickup trucks.

Compact & Portable

Compact, portable, and cordless, the Airmaster Inflator features a super-large capacity built-in battery, ready to assist in any emergency. It can inflate up to 12 tires (e.g., 225/50/R17 SUV tires from 29 to 36 PSI) or 5 tires (e.g., 285/70/R17 off-road vehicle tires from 29 to 36 PSI). Adventure becomes limitless and uncompromised.

Master Every Terrain, Versatility Unleashed - Inflate Anything, Anywhere.

The versatility of the Airmaster Inflator extends across various vehicle types, including SUVs, family cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and even sports balls, with its maximum support of 150 PSI.

Reliable, Real-Time Monitoring, Precision Inflation

What sets the Airmaster Inflator apart is its reliability and precision. High-precision real-time pressure monitoring and an auto-stop function ensure worry-free inflation, automatically stopping when the preset pressure is reached, guaranteeing a safe and reliable user experience.

Adventure-Ready Design: 1s Connection

The user-friendly design includes a patented quick-connect nozzle for seamless usability, eliminating hassle. Additionally, two extended 27.6-inch air hoses are included, doubling the length found in other inflators.

More Than Just a Tire Inflator

But the Airmaster Inflator is more than just a tire inflator. It comes equipped with a built-in 3-mode LED light for emergency situations in challenging terrains. Moreover, the 5V/2A USB-A output port functions as a backup battery, keeping your mobile devices charged and ensuring connectivity during your journey.

To celebrate the launch of their new website, LASFIT AIR is offering a range of exclusive limited-time promotions. These promotions include opportunities to try the latest products, receive branded merchandise, engage in interactive activities, and access time-sensitive discounts and special offers.

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About LASFIT AIR: A Trusted Air Inflator Partner in Your Journey.

LASFIT AIR is a sub-brand of LASFIT, a prominent player in the automotive accessories industry since 2015. LASFIT AIR is dedicated to revolutionising air inflation technology and providing dependable solutions to enhance the safety and convenience of travellers during their journeys. With a commitment to innovation and user-centric design, LASFIT AIR aims to be the trusted companion for all your adventures.