Neusoft Recognized by TISAX of the European Automotive Industry

25 January 2022

Neusoft Corporation has recently obtained the TISAX AL3 assessment, which was officially awarded by DEKRA (German Motor Vehicle Monitoring  Association) and represents the highest level of information security assessment and data exchange security standard of the European automotive industry. This recognition marks that Neusoft's level of protection in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information assets has reached the highest standard in the European automotive industry.

TISAX, known as Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, is a mechanism jointly launched by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the European Network Exchange (ENX). TISAX was set up based on the ISO27001 information security management system standard and the VDA-ISA information security assessment requirements catalogue. Meanwhile, it provides a model of mutual recognition of information security assessment for different service providers in the automotive industry. Today, it has become a mutual trust mechanism for information security assessment and data exchange for many European and Chinese automakers.  Recognition of TISAX assessment means that the information security capability of a provider has been recognized by the stakeholders in the automotive industry.  

Neusoft said that the recognition of TISAX assessment will strengthen Neusoft's ability to provide product and information security services for more international automakers on the basis of security and mutual trust with upstream and downstream enterprises in the European automotive industry chain. In the future, Neusoft will bring itself up to more security standards to create safe and reliable win-win cooperation with partners, to contribute to the automotive industry.