Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. develops Murata's first V2X communication module

15 December 2022

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Noriyuki Nakajima, hereinafter referred to as "Murata Manufacturing", TOKYO: 6981) V2X communication modules "Type 1YL" and "Type 2AN. This product is Murata's first V2X communication module developed by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In recent years, in order to prevent accidents such as collisions and realize unmanned driving, V2X, which can realize direct communication between cars and all devices, has been widely used, and the development process has been accelerating. There are two different wireless methods for V2X communication, DSRC ※1 and cellular V2X (C-V2X ※2 ), and each country and region supports different methods. Therefore, different designs are required for each country and region, resulting in more complicated designs.

※1 DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications): dedicated short-range communication technology. Currently, IEEE 802.11p created based on the IEEE 802.11 standard has been standardized and used for V2X communication.
*2 C-V2X (Cellular-V2X): A communication method for V2X applications standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) in 2016. Based on mobile phone communication technology, LTE-V2X is currently used.

Therefore, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed this product embedded with the Autotalks chipset featuring both DSRC communication and C-V2X communication functions, using the high-frequency RF design technology accumulated over the years and its unique high-density mounting technology.

Comments from Ram Shallom, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Autotalks Asia Pacific:
“We are proud to partner with Murata Manufacturing and provide the market with a mature, high-performance V2X solution. This is the result of more than 5 years of joint development, verification, An important milestone after extensive testing and design optimization. In addition, it demonstrates the level of product quality, robustness and performance that can be achieved through the cooperation of the two companies. Murata's V2X communication module, which has good versatility, will help Accelerate the commercialization of V2X in the global automotive industry. The close cooperation with Autotalks is an important step towards the large-scale deployment of V2X technology."

Comments from Toshifumi Kupada, Director of Communication Module Business Division, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:
"This unique platform utilizes Autotalks' advanced technology and professional capabilities in the wireless field to realize vehicle-to-vehicle communication and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication through V2X communication. An important step. A wide range of use cases can help to greatly improve road safety and traffic congestion. By combining Murata's hybrid wireless technology, it is possible to support both DSRC and C-V2X on the same module. Through this platform, not only for Customers provide the system foundation of V2X, and also allow a well-trained team of engineers to provide support
for customers' antenna design and solution optimization." Contribute to the Internet of Vehicles.
※This product is a development product. Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

main specialty

  • Supports two communication standards, DSRC and C-V2X, which are adopted in many countries
  • . This product alone supports the communication standards of each country, which contributes to the reduction of system design costs.
  • The small package
  • Type 1YL is 33.0mm×27.0mm×3.0mm (ultra-small level), and Type 2AN is 38.5mm×37.5mm×8.5mm. The small size can improve the design freedom of the user.
  • High Reliability It

satisfies the specifications necessary for the automotive market requiring high reliability.

The main purpose

  • Application examples in V2V

Through mutual communication between vehicles, even if the driver cannot see the brake light of the vehicle in front, the vehicle can also receive the brake signal of the vehicle in front, letting the driver know that the vehicle in front is braking. This helps to detect unseen dangers in advance.

  • Application examples in V2I

Roadside infrastructure communicates with vehicles to optimize their speed based on the timing of traffic light changes. It helps alleviate traffic congestion by reducing the number of times vehicles need to stop at intersections and by reducing acceleration and deceleration of vehicles.

product site

Check out the product details of Type 1YL here.
Check out the product details of Type 2AN here.


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As a well-known name in the V2X chipset market, Autotalks reduces car collisions on the road and improves travel quality through its certified automotive chipsets. The company's chipsets provide advanced, secure and high-performance global V2X communication solutions. The advanced technology of Autotalks is expected to be rolled out on a large scale in the next few years, supplementing the information provided by other sensors, especially in non-line-of-sight scenarios, bad weather and poor lighting conditions. It can effectively coordinate vehicles, driverless cars, motorcycles and pedestrians, greatly improving the overall safety of the road. For more information, please visit .

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