Murata Addresses Emerging Autonomous Driving Functions with Latest Drip-Proof Ultrasonic Sensor

27 June 2023

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. announces the introduction of a new ultrasonic sensor for automotive applications. Highly sensitive and responsive, the MA48CF15-7N is housed in a hermetically sealed package to protect against liquid ingress.

As vehicle designs tend to incorporate higher levels of autonomy, more accurate short and medium range object detection mechanisms will be needed. Through the emission of ultrasonic waves and the subsequent detection of their reflections, it is possible to determine the presence of an object, as well as to calibrate the distance at which it is located.

Capable of covering a wide sensing range, from 15cm to 550cm, the MA48CF15-7N offers great accuracy in detecting obstacles. Generates a beam at an angle of 120° by 60°. The capacitance of 1100 pF±10% (at 1 kHz) is another important aspect, and due to the narrow deviation exhibited there is no need to adjust the transformer.

The resonant frequency is 48.2±1.0 kHz and its Q value is 35±10 for greater ease of use, as well as better thermal performance. The tolerances for these two parameters have been reduced by 50% compared to previous Murata models, greatly reducing variations in the detection characteristics of each unit.

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