MPEG LA EV Charging License Drives Global Transition to Electric Transportation

21 November 2022

MPEG LA today announced that it has made its EV Charging Patent Portfolio License better suited to the evolving EV charging infrastructure. This is intended to further enhance the effectiveness of the license in meeting current and future market needs.

MPEG LA President and CEO Larry Horn said. “As the world rapidly transitions to electric transportation, with a convenient, reliable, and affordable network of standards-based electric vehicle chargers located in vehicles, highways and communities around the world, MPEG LA The EV charging patent pool ensures that the underlying intellectual property is available to implementers on reasonable terms, providing operational freedom, reduced litigation risk and predictability of business plans to the market. It is a necessary element of an orderly transition that we provide.”

To support the global EV charging rollout, MPEG LA's MPEG LA Charging License supports multiple regional and industry standards, including high power commercial chargers and the increasingly important High Level Communications (HLC). is also supported, making this license a one-stop solution for the global EV charging market. Loyalty products and rates were recently revised in response to new market needs. More information can be found here .

MPEG LA's goal is to make as many essential EV charging patents available worldwide under a single license on the same terms. Any party that believes it owns a patent essential to the EV charging standard is welcome to apply for an essentiality assessment by MPEG LA's Patent Experts. May be included in the license if essentiality is determined. For terms and procedures regarding patent submissions , please contact us.


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