Mooresville Auto Repair Center Two Fingers Automotive Announces Personnel Changes

16 August 2022

Shawn Goodrich, the owner and founder of the Mooresville, North Carolina auto repair center Two Fingers Automotive, is pleased to announce that he has hired Matt Baranoski to take over the front desk and initial point of contact duties.

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As Goodrich noted, in addition to hiring Baranoski, his mechanic moved on to pursue other opportunities after being part of the Two Fingers Automotive family for 3 years.

"With Mike's departure, I have returned to full-time work in the shop," Goodrich noted, adding that he will now focus on getting and keeping his customers' vehicles in the tip-top shape they've come to expect from Two Fingers Automotive.

"Although I will not be the primary contact person, I will still be there every day and can easily be contacted if needed just by calling the shop, and I encourage our customers to stop in and say hello to Matt."

Thanks to Baranoski's 30-plus years of experience in the field of automotive customer service, Goodrich is confident that he will provide their valued customers with the attentive and outstanding customer service and communication that Two Fingers Automotive is well known for.

While the personnel at Two Fingers Automotive has changed a bit, their commitment to their customers is as strong as ever.

Their goal is always to provide excellent service at a fair price, without having to rely on gimmicks, promotions, or 'special programs' that no one ever seems to quite manage to qualify for, Goodrich noted.

"It's this commitment to outstanding service and results, and the emphasis we place on making sure you and your family can use your vehicle safely and reliably, that has made Two Fingers Automotive Mooresville's favorite independent auto mechanic—and we're excited to be yours too," he said.

About Two Fingers Automotive:
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