Momentum CRM Announces It is Now a Toyota SmartPath Approved CRM

12 August 2022

Momentum CRM, a customer relationship management provider specializing in enabling elite automobile dealerships to maximize sales through proprietary software, customized support, and mentoring, has officially announced its Toyota SmartPath approval. This recognizes Momentum CRM as an official CRM provider operating within the SmartPath digital retail program.

To adapt to a retail landscape that is increasingly reliant on online transactions, Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) created the SmartPath (Toyota) and Monogram (Lexus) digital retail solutions. The program allows Toyota and Lexus customers to move seamlessly between online and in-dealership shopping experiences when researching and purchasing vehicles.

"The seismic shift represented by SmartPath is incredibly exciting. Our clients expect a seamless experience. We are honored to partner with Toyota to create an integration that best supports that experience," said Jerman Velasquez, Chief Product Strategist at Momentum CRM. 

"Now our Toyota SmartPath clients can focus on their customers and know that Momentum CRM and SmartPath are working in the background to support them." 

By combining state-of-the-art technology, industry expertise, and strategies that have been proven to increase bottom-line profitability, Momentum CRM provides automobile dealerships with a single CRM solution for all departments. Momentum CRM's unparalleled implementation combined with ongoing training and mentoring has helped dealerships nationwide take the guesswork out of lead management while simultaneously increasing customer retention and brand loyalty. 

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Momentum CRM was created with a true ear to the industry and a vision for the future, working with the top dealers in the country to achieve more sales while improving customer loyalty. Providing a single CRM solution for all departments, Momentum CRM's unparalleled implementation and integrations, combined with ongoing training and mentoring, have helped dealerships nationwide increase customer retention and brand loyalty. For more information, visit As one of the only privately held automotive CRMs in the industry, Momentum CRM has the flexibility and agility to move with your business.

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