Modern meets sophisticated driving culture in the Mercedes-Benz SL (R107/C107): KW V3 Classic Shocks and KW V3 Coilover Kit are now developed.

19 April 2024

Whether as a roadster or a coupé, the Mercedes-Benz SL and Mercedes-Benz SLC of the 107 series are among the most popular classics with the star in the radiator grille among Mercedes enthusiasts. During the long construction period from 1971 to 1989, the roadsters and coupés were the last Mercedes models that, with their chrome and design, remained distinct from the modern zeitgeist of the eighties. No other Mercedes models, such as the 280 SL, 350 SL, 380 SL, 420 SL, 450 SL, 500 SL, and 580 SL, as well as the 280 SLC, 350 SLC, 380 SLC, 450 SLC, 450 SLC 5.0 and 500 SLC, exude such a sophisticated zeitgeist today. The suspension manufacturer KW automotive has now expanded its KW Classic program for all types and models of the 107 series. Alongside the KW V3 damper set, which is adjustable in compression and rebound stages, the KW V3 Classic coilover kit is now available. The coilover kit allows for stepless lowering of 25 to 45 millimeters. The KW V3 damper set is recommended for anyone interested in modern driving behavior during their faithful restoration and who does not want to lower their Mercedes-Benz SL. More at

Choosing the KW V3 Classic damper set or the KW V3 Classic coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz SL of the 107 series enhances driving performance across all aspects, thanks to the integration of modern KW multi-valve technology within the damper design. "The dampers are adjustable in the low-speed compression and rebound stages for both options," says KW Classic expert Sascha Dauer. "This adjustability allows further customization of the recommended and pre-set damper setup for the classic Mercedes-Benz."

In essence, the rebound stage determines the connection of the SL or SLC with the road and the speed at which the springs return to their original position after compression. Closing the rebound stage enhances handling precision, whereas opening the rebound valves leads to smoother handling and improves ride comfort. The compression stage, on the other hand, influences the spring's compression, directly impacting body roll during steering and cornering. Moreover, the compression stage enhances the steering behavior of the Mercedes. "With pre-configured and non-adjustable high-speed valves always equipped in the V3 damper set and V3 coilover kit, we enable the SL to compress harmoniously over poorly developed secondary roads with many transverse joints and bumps, despite tightly adjusted damping in the low-speed range of piston rod movements," further explains Sascha Daucher. Even with the KW Classic applications, the basic setup is pre-adjusted to provide firmness and maximum comfort. Consequently, the Mercedes-Benz Coupé (C107) and the Roadster (R107) exhibit significantly improved dynamic handling and surprising comfort compared to their initial introduction to the market.

Best recommendation for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts: KW V3 Classic Shocks

The KW V3 Classic dampers for the Mercedes-Benz SL (R107/C107) have the exact dimensions of the original parts, and they are recommended for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts who place great value on maintaining the original ground clearance during their contemporary restoration. The stainless steel dampers are installed in conjunction with the original springs. When switching to the KW V3 Classic dampers, the chassis manufacturer recommends replacing all worn parts, such as the original springs, with new spare parts. "On the other hand, the KW V3 Classic coilover kit is recommended for Mercedes fans who want to lower their coupé or roadster even further and prioritize harmonious ride comfort," continues Sascha Daucher. With the KW V3 Classic coilover kit, the damper housings are shorter than the standard components. The entire damper design matches the spring rates of the KW suspension springs. A stepless lowering of 25 to 45 millimeters can be adjusted on both axles when switching to the coilover kit using the supplied spring plates. More at

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