Marelli at CES 2024: Discover the Journey to Design-Led Innovation

7 December 2023

Marelli, a leading mobility technology supplier to the automotive sector, will showcase its latest innovations at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, January 9-11, 2024, at the Wynn Hotel. The invitation-only, curated experience will introduce guests to Marelli’s approach to Design-Led Innovation.  

Those visiting Marelli’s hospitality suite at CES will be treated to a customized journey stepping through the phases of the vehicle co-creation process. As a first step, guests will enter the Digital Twin Studio, where they will answer a few preference-driven questions that will result in a persona that best reflects them. Their feature-based selections will be activated in a demo car later in the journey. Visitors will also be introduced to Marelli’s Digital Twin technology.

In the Co-Creation @Speed area, visitors will learn more about Marelli’s software-defined vehicle value proposition, and interact with technologies powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), QNX, and Qualcomm Technologies. They will see how the company helps support architecture scalability, software portability, zone control standardization, and cloud virtualization. Visitors will interact with the company’s Digital Twin demonstrator, which can replicate a vehicle cockpit in the cloud.

After visiting the Digital Twin Studio and Co-Creation @Speed areas, visitors can sit in the driver’s seat in the first of two demo cars in the booth. It’s here that the persona-based features from the Digital Twin Studio will be activated. Guests can interact with their personalized 3D avatar, and experience Marelli’s award-winning pillar-to-pillar display, ambient lighting, smart surfaces, driver monitoring, and multifunctional HMI technology. Thin light modules and light bar technology are integrated into the vehicle front.  

Marelli will showcase lighting and display technologies in the Design for Affordability area. These solutions boast a simplified hardware and software design resulting in fewer parts, reduced weight, reduced CO2 emissions, and cost less than traditional lighting and display products. These lean design concepts are achieved through technology optimization, a design for manufacturing approach, and supply chain localization.

Technologies designed to impact vehicle performance will be on display in the Design for Performance area, including Marelli’s fully-active electromechanical suspension system, zone control unit, integrated thermal management module, and wireless battery management system powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The future of mobility will be revealed in the private, Design for What’s Next space, which will offer a sneak peek at what Marelli is designing next – an AI-powered in-vehicle experience - including advanced audio and sound zoning, motorized hidden displays and interior components, in-console projection, eco-materials, multi-functional interfaces, high-definition headlamps with ground projection, multi-color, illuminated front panels and grilles, external message displays, rear window projection, and more.

“I’m excited to share our vision for enabling the software-defined vehicle at CES in January, and to demonstrate how we can put the power of personalization in the hands of automakers and vehicle owners,” said David Slump, President and CEO, of Marelli. “Our focus on design-led innovation combined with the value of our strong relationships with AWS, QNX, and Qualcomm, allows us to create broad solutions for our customers at Marelli speed.”

Members of the media are invited to join the company’s Media Tour, scheduled for Wednesday, January 10, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Marelli executives will be joined by Wendy Bauer, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive and Manufacturing at AWS, John Wall, SVP Head of QNX, and Nakul Duggal, SVP & GM, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. Technical experts will be on hand to conduct product and technology demonstrations.

About Marelli
Marelli is a leading mobility technology supplier to the automotive sector. With a strong and established track record in innovation and manufacturing excellence, our mission is to transform the future of mobility through working with customers and partners to create a safer, greener, and better-connected world. With around 50,000 employees worldwide, the Marelli footprint includes 170 facilities and R&D centers across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

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