LSI Chemical Introduces ArcticArmor523 Cold Flow Improver for Diesel Fuel

9 September 2020

LSI Chemical now offers a cold flow improver diesel fuel additive that can be added to any diesel or biodiesel blend to significantly improve cold weather performance. This diesel fuel additive, the first introduced by LSI Chemical, significantly improves the operation of any diesel engine in extreme temperatures by improving two crucial indicators of performance in diesel fuel - Cold Filter Plugging Point and Pour Point to prevent gelling and icing.  

In a third-party test performed in August 2020, a baseline fuel was pulled from a Marathon station in Fredericktown, Ohio. After adding ArcticArmor523, the fuel’s Pour Point was improved from -20°F / -28.9°C to -75°F / -59.4°C and the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) was improved from -20°F / -28.9°C to -45°F / -42.8°C. This significant difference in CFPP and Pour Point ensures improved diesel engine operation in extremely cold climates, especially in relation to startability. 

LSI Chemical President Todd Cawley says, “I am excited to share with customers some of the best results I have ever seen from a diesel additive over my 25-year career in the fuel industry. We are proud to say our ArcticArmor523 is now available, but we also understand refineries around the world use different crude slates and different additives, which causes the fuel to perform differently. For this reason, we also offer custom formulation and the option to develop packages specific to each customer’s own fuel needs. That is why we offer an extensive sampling program and laboratory to meet those needs.”

LSI Chemical is now offering market-ready additives, like their ArcticArmor523, as well as bringing custom lab and formulation capabilities to diesel fuel jobbers, fleets, consumers and diesel refiners around the world. Refiners and fuel suppliers worldwide can now work directly with LSI Chemical’s lab of scientists to develop a custom fuel blend to meet the cold weather diesel fuel needs specific to regions supplied.

LSI Chemical formulated ArcticArmor523 using high quality sourced base chemicals to significantly change how diesel fuel responds in winter weather. ArcticArmor523 solubilizes paraffin nuclei as they begin to crystallize and modifies the paraffin crystal’s growth as they precipitate. This process allows fuel lines and filters to stay clear and operational even with temps down to 45°F below zero. For more information about ArcticArmor523 watch this video.

For more information about LSI Chemical, visit, call Todd Cawley direct at 801-541-6050, or via email at [email protected].

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