LeddarTech partners with Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co. Ltd to accelerate the deployment of LiDAR for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving applications.

22 April 2020

LeddarTech®, the industry leader in delivering the LiDAR platform for the most versatile and scalable automotive. Is pleased to announce the addition of Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co. Ltd as a member of the Leddar ™ ecosystem by joining a team of other technology industry leaders. This strategic partnership has made Sunny Automotive Optech known as a technology market leader providing optical solutions that participate in LiDAR solutions for automation and intelligent applications.

Sunny Automotive Optech will partner with LeddarTech to create LiDAR solutions for automotive and mobility applications. As a strategic partner, Sunny Automotive Optech will provide automotive optical design and industrial expertise for the system. Optical sub Including manufacturing services for optical components and sub-components The optical subsystem incorporates a transmitter and receiver optical lens consisting of selected automotive-level optical components with a path to automotive characteristics, testing, and effective cost management.

This collaboration will accelerate our client's design lifecycle and provide the safest and most effective way for application deployment. ADAS and AD LeddarTech and Sunny Automotive Optech will begin working together in the design. Front optics and Cocoon LiDAR based on LeddarEngine ™. LeddarEngine consists of LeddarCore ™ LCA3 System-on-Chip. And the LeddarSP ™ Signal Processing Library. LeddarEngine sets a new standard for designing integrated and customizable solid state LiDAR solutions. Suitable for automatic driving shuttle Sunny cabs, freighters and buses will participate in the presentation of the automotive platform, including LeddarEngine, by providing automotive-grade optical design and manufacturing services to tier-1 developed customers. LiDAR solution

"Sunny Automotive Optech's portfolio of effective cost management through innovation Balance between product and process design And supply chain management that create the right solution between efficiency and cost This added capability will help increase the competitiveness of the patent technology industry. Said Michael Poulin, LeddarTech's vice president of strategic alliances and corporate development. "Sunny Automotive Optech is a leader in optical and intelligent driving solutions. And in collaboration with the added partner of LeddarTech, we will be in a position to offer complete and flexible solutions for a variety of AD and ADAS applications to customers, compared to a single product and service. We are very pleased to be working with Sunny Automotive Optech, "concluded Mr. Poulin.

"Sunny Automotive Optech and other members "We see LeddarTech as an industry leader in providing LiDAR platforms for vehicles with Versatile and the most scalable By combining LeddarTech technology with Sunny Automotive Optech's optical capabilities, from design to finished products, leading to the most suitable solution between efficiency and cost. Will enable us to offer comprehensive and suitable LiDAR solutions for customers around the world. We look forward to creating significant value for both partners through this partnership with LeddarTech, ”concluded Mr. Qiu.

About Sunny Optical Technology® (Group) Company Limited

Sunny Optical is a world-class manufacturer of optical products and components with a history of thirty-five years and having the number 1 market share for automotive lenses. Since 2012, the Group is principally engaged in design Research and development, production and distribution of optical and related products The product range includes optical components (such as regular and one-sided flat curved glass lenses, airplane products, mobile phone lens sets, vehicle lens sets, safety detection lens sets And other types of lens sets), opto-electronics products (such as mobile phone camera modules, 3D opto-electronics products, Vehicle module And other optoelectronic modules) and optical devices (such as microscopes and intelligent devices for testing). The Group focuses on the application of products related to opto-electronics such as mobile phones, digital cameras, systems. Capture and detect vehicles Security detection system Virtual reality / Augmented Reality and factory automation Which combined with optical technology electronics Software and mechanism

More information about Sunny Optical can be found at www.sunnyoptical.com   Contact: 0086-574-62525665;  [email protected]

About LeddarTech

LeddarTech is an industry leader in providing the LiDAR development platform for the most versatile and scalable motor vehicle using LeddarEngine ™ Which consists of a set of automotive levels and SoC that has been certified for safety. Which works in conjunction with LeddarSP ™ proprietary signal processing software. The company is responsible for innovation. In the state-of-the-art remote sensing application with more than 70 patented technologies (patented or pending) that enhance the capabilities of ADAS and automatic driving, LeddarTech also serves the automotive market. High performance solid state LiDAR module solutions for automatic driving shuttles, trucks, buses, pick-up trucks and taxis These modules have been developed to support the automotive market. And also demonstrates the capabilities of LeddarTech's automotive and automotive platforms as a basis for suppliers.

More information about LeddarTech can be found at https://leddartech.com/ and on LinkedIn , Twitter , Facebook and YouTube.

Contact: Daniel Aitken, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at LeddarTech, Tel: + 1-418-653-9000 ext. 232 [email protected]

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