Leapmotor is unveiling its entire new product line at the Shanghai International Auto Show

20 April 2023

On April 18, the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show officially started, and Leapmotor  brought its entire new product line to the event, including the C11 model with extended range, the 2023 C01, C11 and T03. Leapmotor chairman Zhu Jiangming, along with other executives, turned into "super test drivers" and personally drove the cars to closely show users that the company is committed to being "OEM for the users."

The whole new product line of Leapmotor with their value propositions making choosing and buying a car less of a hassle.

The extended-range C11 model has a class-leading 285 km pure electric range, with a maximum range of 1024 km, an extra-long wheelbase of 2930 mm and features such as an immersive triple-screen display, nappa leather seats, frameless doors and a premium quality music cockpit, all enhancing the luxurious experience. In addition, the extended-range C11 model is equipped with 28 hardware perception devices, with as many as 23 driving assistance functions simultaneously, so that users can calmly handle complex driving scenarios, such as driving in the city and at high speed over long distances.

The 2023 C01 model is equipped with the CTC battery-chassis integration technology, with a maximum range of 717km under CLTC. The C01 has a maximum power of 400kW and a maximum torque of 720N-m, with concealed door handles, a slim body and dynamic taillights that provide a class-leading super-low drag coefficient. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 3 seconds and offers users an ultimate driving experience.

The intelligent cockpit of the 2023 C11 model is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P chip, an impressive triple-screen display and a highly integrated full-touch-control design that offers a smooth experience and supports AI facial recognition and other functions. The C11 uses a variable architecture high-performance oil-cooled electric drivetrain, with a 0 to 100km/h acceleration time of just 3.94 seconds. The independent double wishbone front and 5-link rear suspension, similar to that of luxury cars, greatly improves the handling and driving experience of the whole vehicle, while also balancing the comfort and handling characteristics.

The 2023 Leapmotor T03 is positioned as an ultra-safe 5-door electric vehicle, with a 5-door 4-seater, 2400mm long wheelbase and a cage-like body with a high-strength steel ratio of up to 68%. It also has up to 10 automatic driver assistance functions, providing double protection for safe driving. In addition, the T03 has passed EU Small Vehicle Type Approval (SWVTA), and Leapmotor will continue to expand its overseas market, accelerating its global strategic rollout.

The chairman acts as a "super test driver" and personally drives the guests

The booth layout was inspired by hand-drawn sketches by Leapmotor founder chairman Zhu Jiangming. In addition to providing free coffee, lunch, fruits and other services, Zhu Jiangming also held a lunch meeting with the media and users to exchange insights about Leapmotor's car manufacturing, product planning, user needs and driving experiences in a relaxed conversation.

In addition, Leapmotor also held the "super test drivers" event at this year's auto show, with Zhu and other executives personally driving and driving users around.

Leapmotor, exceeds your expectations.

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