Leading Commercial Vehicle Makers Select Sensata Technologies’ TPMS Solutions to Meet Worldwide Safety Regulations

9 February 2022

Sensata Technologies, today announced its Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have been selected by multiple commercial tractor and trailer manufacturers to meet new and emerging vehicle standards and regulations worldwide.

The need for TPMS on commercial tractors and trailers is on the rise as safety regulations in Europe and China, as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel efficiency standards in the US, approach their respective deadlines.

Specifically designed for the commercial vehicle market, Sensata’s TPMS solution is a complete system consisting of wireless sensors, receivers and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that communicates with the vehicle over the Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus). The system provides tire pressure and temperature monitoring that meets regional legislation requirements and helps to reduce roadside tire events, automate tire checks, improve tire life and increase vehicle fuel economy. A proprietary auto-location function enables the automated identification of the sensor’s position on the vehicle which reduces the need for additional tools and time required to program sensors during tire changes and maintenance for commercial vehicle operators.

“By leveraging our history and experience in passenger car TPMS in the development of this commercial vehicle system, we’ve been able to provide customers with an offering that addresses their needs and is compliant to General Safety Regulations,” explains Rob Eijsink, Marketing Director for Sensata’s Heavy Vehicle and Off Road (HVOR) business. “Already adopted by leading truck and trailer manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America, we are uniquely positioned to expand beyond TPMS technologies to incorporate additional sensor inputs and functionality into a solution that provides more value to our customers.”

Examples of additional functions include tire fill assist and low-latency tire burst detection, which enables suspension setting adjustments that stabilize the vehicle during tire blow-out emergencies. Sensata can further customize the system to integrate signals from other wireless sensors and provides options to enable a secure, high-speed wireless truck-to-trailer link.

Commenting on the potential combination of TPMS solutions with Sensata’s expanding portfolio, Brian Wilkie, Vice President, HVOR at Sensata Technologies, said, “Our success with TPMS in commercial vehicle applications is a steppingstone towards providing Sensata’s more comprehensive Insights solutions in the future. Sensata's experience of serving both commercial vehicle OEMs and fleets has resulted in a product portfolio which can be configured to solve the needs of each individual customer.”

To learn more about Sensata’s TPMS solutions for commercial vehicles, visit www2.sensata.com/commercial-vehicle-tpms.

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