KW V3 Classic Suspension Kit for all Porsche 928: Optional as black "KW Classic Line" available

21 June 2024

Produced from 1977 to 1995, the Porsche 928, 928 S, 928 GT, and 928 GTS are among the exotic models in the traditional sports car manufacturer's lineup. Unconventional for Porsche at the time, these models featured a water-cooled V8 front engine. Also, the 928 with his transaxle layout didn't translate to a significant motorsport career. Now available for all Porsche 928 models and engine versions, the KW V3 Classic suspension is a stainless steel coilover suspension kit with separately adjustable compression and rebound damping. It has two visual options: the familiar version with purple anodized components and yellow springs and the new "KW Classic Line" with black spring plates, intermediate rings, and spring perches. Both variants include a parts certificate for a stepless lowering of 20 to 40 millimeters on the front axle and 20 to 35 millimeters on the rear axle. Unibal top mounts are included. For pricing, please visit

In recent years, suspension manufacturer KW automotive has built a versatile product range for classic vehicles, focusing on height and damper-adjustable coilover kits for models from the 1970s and 1980s. "We're currently one of the few coilover manufacturers offering KW Classic applications for all air-cooled Porsche models," says KW Classic expert Sascha Daucher. KW offers a range of options, including KW V2 Classic dampers with adjustable rebound for the Porsche 356, KW V3 Classic dampers with adjustable compression and rebound for F and G series Porsche 911s, and KW V3 Classic coilover kits for the 964 and 993 generation 911. Now, KW automotive turns his attention to the transaxle Porsches.  While KW V3 Classic and Clubsport coilovers already existed for the Porsche 944, KW has expanded its offerings to include the KW V3 Classic coilover suspension with coilover struts for the Porsche 928.

Multi-valve technology for compression and rebound damping

Car enthusiasts often underestimate the positive effect of high-quality damper hydraulics like a KW V3 technology on driving behavior, mistakenly believing that increased driving dynamics and comfort are mutually exclusive for luxury cars. What applies to current vehicles applies all the more to vintage vehicles such as the Porsche 928. After all, suspension technology from the 1970s needs to be updated. "You notice this immediately in a classic vehicle," says Sascha Daucher. "By retrofitting a KW V3 Classic coilover suspension kit with our multi-valve technology, the Porsche 928 does even more justice to its character as a sporty Gran Turismo." Even on poor roads, the preloaded high-speed compression and high-speed rebound valves ensure the Porsche 928's wheels compress smoothly, regardless of how firm the adjustable low-speed valves are set. The KW V3 Classic suspension with coilover struts allows for fine-tuning of the 928's handling thanks to the separate adjustability of compression and rebound at low speeds. The rebound low-speed bypass valve in the suspension further contributes to a more direct driving experience and handling. The rebound stage, adjustable in 16 clicks, directly affects the Porsche 928's connection to the road by influencing how the suspension rebounds after compression. Independently, the opening of the low-speed compression valve can be adjusted in twelve clicks to fine-tune damping during compression. This adjustment impacts the compression speed of the damper piston rod, thereby influencing steering behavior, body pitch, and roll. The high residual ride comfort offered by the KW V3 Classic suspension is attracting more and more car enthusiasts. "For classic cars not currently included in our KW V3 Classic lineup, we also offer the possibility of individual customization," explains KW Classic expert Sascha Daucher. For pricing in your region, please visit

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