KW is expanding the program of multiway adjustable dampers: New Motorsports Dampers with 5-way and 4-way adjustment

19 November 2019

KW automotive; the suspension manufacturer, continues to expand its modular KW Competition racing program and already presented its new products at the Professional Motorsport World Expo. KW automotive will also showcase its product range of motorsport shocks at the PRI (Performance Racing Industry Show, Yellow Hall – Booth 4901) from December 12th – December 14th, 2019 in Indianapolis (USA) The new products are the “KW Competition 4A Inline”, “KW Competition 4A USD”, “KW Competition 0A”, “KW Competition 5A” and the “KW Competition 3A EXR”. For further information, please visit

With its wide range of racing dampers and complete suspension kits, KW automotive covers numerous application areas for professional Motorsports. Various automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, and others rely on the latest developments of the owner-operated suspension manufacturer in their official factory customer Motorsports programs.

Extended range of four-way and five-way adjustable racing shocks

The “KW Competition 4A Inline damper” with its solid piston damping system, it is suitable for all types of non-wheel-guiding axle constructions such as double wishbones or pushrod suspensions. The 4A Inline damper does not require an external reservoir, as the expansion tank is integrated into the damper housing. As with all KW 4A dampers, the modular KW valve technology allows specific damping characteristics with the use of various main valves and spring configurations. This design provides a large achievable force range of 1500N to 12000N and can be tailored to meet the requirements of the customer. "The low and high-speed valves for the compression and rebound damping are positioned laterally in series and can be precisely tuned and offset with 18 clicks of adjustment.  By connecting the valves in series, we achieve a cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure and our development has a precise high-frequency function due to the low valve lift. The entire system ensures low hysteresis and a direct response in damping." explains Thomas Rechenberg, Head of Motorsport at KW automotive. The new solid piston 4-way dampers are also available as KW Competition 5A that features a blow-off feature with 12 clicks of adjustability and Lowspeed and Highspeed rebound and compression with 18 clicks of adjustability.

Also available for MacPherson strut applications

The KW Competition 4A USD has been designed for racing cars with MacPherson struts and utilizes KW’s inverted mounting design. The valve manifold with its series-connected valves for adjustment in the low and high-speed compression and rebound stages is directly connected to the damper. The piggyback reservoir can be rotated 360° and if required by the mounting position, the expansion tank can be connected via a stainless-steel braided line. "With our inverted damper design, we achieve a higher stiffness compared to similar dampers with a 30 mm piston rod. Our damper cartridge is made of 25CrMo4 chrome-molybdenum steel and has a diameter of 40 mm," says Thomas Rechenberg. "With all our four-way adjustable shocks, a functional characteristic curve design is possible. Depending on the field of application, we can also convert our solid piston system to a two-way adjustable shock and our racing customers can choose the compression and rebound stages of adjustment in low or high speed". The KW Competition dampers are designed according to our solid piston design and are also available as cup dampers to take advantage of a cavitation-free function, low hysteresis, high forces and fast response in various brand cups. The characteristic curve is pre-defined, and the valves cannot be adjusted according to the respective regulations to ensure competitive equality.

Further development from GT4 and TCR motor sports developments

The new three-way adjustable KW Competition 3A EXR damper is a further development of the KW Competition 2A EXR damper from the GT4 and TCR motorsports. The damper with external reservoir generates the damper forces at the working piston and at the low-speed and high-speed pressure stage valves in the expansion tank. The gas volume can be adjusted to the damper stroke thanks to the position-independent reservoir. “The EXR damper enables us to work with a lower gas volume than with other systems," says Thomas Rechenberg. “The design of the gas volume is not limited by the damper stroke either". For MacPherson axle geometries, the new 3A EXR upside-down damper has a 40 mm or 45 mm diameter cartridge made of 25CrMo4 chrome-molybdenum steel. The pressure stage valve block in the expansion tank can be rotated; if required by the installation system, a hose connection of the reservoir is also possible. For further information, please visit

About KW automotive:

Part of the company group KW automotive GmbH besides KW suspensions are also the brands ST suspensions, LSD Doors and RaceRoom. KW suspensions is market leader and innovator of individual suspension solutions for the street and racing applications. Sporty drivers rely on KW coilover kits with its five damping variants, as well as on the Nürburgring Nordschleife tested KW Clubsport coilover kits, which are street legal and have a technical component report. Worldwide successful racing teams rely on the patented valve technology of KW Competition suspensions, the seven-time overall winner of the 24-hour Race Nürburgring (2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2018) winner of the 24-hour Race Dubai 2017, ADAC GT Masters 2018, ADAC TCR Germany 2018, the Bathurst 12-hour Race 2019 and the 24-hour Race Spa-Francorchamps 2019. With its large portfolio of suspension kits, modern production technology, development- and test center, KW has been succeeding for more than 20 years in markets around the world. World-wide, the company group has more than seven international subsidiaries in the most important markets like China, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and the US.

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