KRONUS - ideal packaging solution

30 June 2022

When it comes to providing practical and reliable packaging solutions for products transit and storage, KRONUS consider a variety of factors that are crucial to our clients, such as the quantity of packing and labelling, as well as turnover and resource saving. Our packaging solutions are used in various industries.

These are at least reasons for choosing KRONUS wooden packaging:

  1. Pallet collars, pallets and accessories like as distancers, corners, lids, label holders, and ribbons are all available for effective and safe packaging of various items. KRONUS’ production capacities and the availability of finished and used products in warehouses allow the company to meet the needs of customers.
  2. KRONUS packaging solutions protect the goods during transit and storage from all types of damage. Thanks to the quality control system in place at the enterprise, starting from the moment the raw materials are received and ending with the delivery of the finished packaging solution to the client, we ensure a consistently high product quality.
  3. We provide packaging that complies with European Union standards. Our packaging is also approved in Asia: goods being transported from Asia to Europe are delivered to the customer in compliance with the required packaging standard.
  4. Production facilities, manufactured goods available at the company's warehouses in several areas (Europe, China), and a well-established supply network enable us to offer the packaging solutions to clients demand in any amount and on time.
  5. Wooden packing is cost-effective because it can be reused. A wooden pallet collar has a lifecycle of 5-10 years.

KRONUS has become a true expert in the field of wooden packaging after more than twenty-five years on the market. Our combined experience and knowledge, as well as our desire to improve and introduce new technologies, our ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions, and our ability to listen to our customers, enable us to create wooden packaging that is most suitable for their needs.