KORE Selected by Award-Winning EV Charging Company in UK to Provide IoT Services to Charging Stations

8 September 2021

KORE, a global leader in Internet of Things solutions and worldwide IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service, today announced that Car Charged UK, an award-winning Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station company with access to 65,000 charging points, has selected KORE as its IoT partner-of-choice.

According to new research from Berg Insight, "the total number of dedicated charging points in Europe is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33 percent from 2.3 million in 2020 to 9.7 million by 2025."

Great growth potential naturally comes with its own challenges. Car Charged UK selected KORE to help it solve one of the most significant technical challenges holding back the rapid expansion and adoption of electric vehicles – reliable connectivity for charging stations, especially given the vast complexities across the different cellular networks and other technologies required. In dense, urban areas like London, it is difficult for cellular signals to penetrate the places where electric vehicle owners are parking and charging their cars, which tends to be mostly in underground carparks and basements typically built with thick cement and steel.  

"The wireless race is on in the electric vehicle industry," said KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl. "The promise of electric vehicles is strong, but it's still messy to make the vision a reality, especially in major cities. KORE is delighted to help enable this industry in another IoT-for-Good use case, given the significant effect that electrical vehicles can have on reducing greenhouse gases. IoT is playing a critical role in building out the infrastructure that can speed up more electrical vehicles rolling on the road."

A quality cellular signal is critical to electric vehicle charging stations because that is how data is read, captured, and transported back to electric vehicle charging companies. And that data is gold. Data being thrown off the charging stations is used for customer support, billing, and predictive maintenance of the charging units.

Wireless communications are critical for the future of the electric vehicle car sector. Car Charged UK is one of the first companies deep into the proof-of-concept stage of deploying wireless charging stations in London. Wireless communications also solve another problem: ergonomics. With wireless connectivity, charging stations can be placed out of sight in neighborhoods.  

Lionel Mathia, Founder and Managing Director of Car Charged UK, said, "pivoting car charging stations to wireless technology will enable the UK's estimated 8 million electric cars owners without off-street parking to access more charging points nearer they home, to charge fairly, safely and with no visual impact, which will have a substantial effect on turning the tide of climate change."

The KORE multi-faceted approach is providing a solution that includes best-in-class hardware (including routers and antennas) that drives high reliability 'smart roaming' technology and multi-network, resilient connectivity to provide best possible coverage in all locations. Having the ability to connect to 2G, 3G and 4G across all network operators means there is a statistically much higher chance of a connection even in the most inclement radio network conditions.

Another often overlooked solution to getting cellular into hard-to-reach places is the ability to send SMS messages to the active equipment to diagnose problems and given the ability to fix them remotely. Even the best designed systems will have glitches occasionally and the ability to resolve with an SMS instead of a site visit can have a very beneficial impact on the operators' operating costs.

The future of electrical charge points is now. Car Charged UK is helping clients explore charging infrastructure, charging management, automotive and new mobility, and visionary concepts for the future of EV charging. They know that the right formula and planning from the outset are important including selection of key product & technology; they can offer open protocol hardware, Car Charged UK Network Platform and software carefully selected for its best performance and a leader in the current market – Including V2G, Wireless (WPT) technology and hardware.

It is the Car Charged UK's global approach to become a UK brand recognized for its quality, sustainability, positive impact, and charge toward a greener future and KORE is the team partnering to provide sustainable EV infrastructure for the commercial customers operating destination, large workplaces, homes and residential on street parking and more.

About KORE
KORE is a pioneer, leader, and trusted advisor delivering mission critical IoT solutions and services. We empower organizations of all sizes to improve operational and business results by simplifying the complexity of IoT. Our deep IoT knowledge and experience, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and deployment agility accelerate and materially impact our customers' business outcomes. For more information, visit www.korewireless.com.

About Car Charged UK
Car Charged UK is a leading electric vehicle charging station company with access to 65,000 charging points across EMEA. Its global approach encompasses all aspects of experience and operation which makes the company the complete EV charging package.

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